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Chinese Papercutting

Another idea, inspired by a 21 Secrets Class. Number 19 on my list of creative experiments to try is Chinese paper cutting, maybe because I already had a plan on how to learn that… Chinese paper cutting is one of the classes at 21 Secrets (last day to sign up tomorrow)! Now at least one […]

Fearless Painting

Another idea, inspired by a 21 Secrets Class. Connie calls her class in the first edition of 21 Secrets 2010 where I too taught; Get It Out – Get It Down, and in it the students are allowed to explore an intuitive way of painting, you know, painting without a plan or too much thinking. […]

Tune into abundance

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. /Wayne Dyer There is an abundance of inspiration and creativity in the wold. It makes me happy. Today I just wanted to put something up on my blog before I went to sleep, and I’m to tired to blog any of the abundance […]

the Sketchbook Project | Blue grid and some rain

Blue grid #2. Newspaper crossword squares, pencil lines, washi tape with blue grid, blue envelope lining, ballpoint squares, illustration from a vintage school book and some watercoloured blue imaginary bar chart with numbers. Just a play with scraps of paper, letting them form a grid, using lines. Thinking of nothing in particular, just experimenting a […]

The start of a wool embroidery

After reading nightly in this very cool new Swedish book about wool embroidery called Yllebroderi (a must-own-book!) I was very eager to start a wool embroidery of my own. A bit too eager (plus watching a movie at the same time). I tried drawing a flower and filling the contours of it, but because I […]

A pocketfull of zines

I have received a two new zines this week! Lucky me. The first one was from Linda in Italy. She was inspired to make her own zine after reading my Mettazine, and as a way to say a very generous and big “thank you” she sent me her little publication. She calls her zine Pensieri, […]

Art journaling some more darkness

This page is a hodge podge of different things and “darkness imagery” that I really like. The very cool hanging bat is actually in the altered book, so I just painted black around those images. Then I’ve added magazine images, ephemera, labels, printed tissue paper with my own doodle and my own copied and spray […]

the Sketchbook Project | Pink Grids and lines

Today, an update from my personal sketchbook in The Sketchbook Project that I am participating in. Some finished spreads in my (trying to) “keep it simple” Moleskine sketchbook. Here we go; Pink squares in a pencil line grid. Lines of my painted paper. Rows of letters. Now collaged together from my “good scrap pile” and […]