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Autumn is my favorite season

Photos from a Cellular Autumn walk. Testing out the camera and some fun app (can’t remember what it was called) on a friends smart phone (htc desire) last weekend. It was such a lovely autumn day, so while taking a long walk I was snapping photos of everything and trying different fun “cameras” on the […]

the Sketchbook Project | Grids + b/w pages

This is update number three about my participation in/progress of The Sketchbook Project. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it below. Thanks! A black and white page with this quoted cat (repeating Miau! in Swedish which is spelled Mjau!) on a carpet of lines. The second page features hands with “life lines”; the grid […]

Journaling Saves

Kristin Donovan has published an interview with yours truly at her blog Journaling Saves, check it out! During the past months Kristin’s blog about journaling has become one of my absolute favorites, and I read every post she writes. I guess it is because I looove journaling and have always done so. Long before I […]

Finished Slow Cloth Art Piece

I was out walking with the camera this morning, thinking that I am so privileged to be surrounded with process. And the time to consider it. Jude Hill* The finished art quilt has a slight vintage look, even though the embroidery style is more contemporary. In my mind the blue hues works well together with […]

Sketchbook peek: security envelope grid

Another peek into the ongoing Sketchbook Project… This time security envelope patterns; blue lines creates a checked pattern (grid style)… On the left page a grid of blue squares; a bingo card, blue paint chip, a blue semi-transparent envelope lining and a wavy grid lining, plus part of a magazine photo of a fabric with […]

Keeping it Simple: minimalistic collage

I am a part of The Sketchbook Project but haven’t posted anything from my book until now. I have thought a lot about my theme though (girds and lines) and what I wanted to use my sketchbook for. I feel that a sketchbook of any kind should house sketches and ideas that can be worked […]

Art Journaling with Grids & Lines

Time to dive into art journaling…. shall we? Art Journal spread from this summer: Lines in a grid. While I was pondering my sketchbook theme (grids and lines) I created a bold colourful grid in my Art Journal, just to see what came out. You can spot a few circles and organic shapes, but most […]

Weaving a Cloth Base

Loss makes artists of us all as we weave new patterns in the fabric of our lives. Greta W. Crosby Jude Hill is a fabric artists who makes slow cloth things. They are both smaller art quilts and large quilts in a very unique and artistic way. I have been a fan of her blog […]

An Owl Journal etc

Mom took the time to make me a cell phone cozy that looks like owl! Just for me. But wait, there are more owls around here… When you state that you really like the look of something, say owls, people tend to remember that and see you as a collector. I am The Owl Collector […]