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Inspiration Mosaic II - August 2010
Inspiration mosaic August 2010. Let’s view big!

I had a nice creative hiatus during August with no sewing, painting or art, this week I am trying to find my way back. I have done very little surfing too during August and now I’m at it again, taking in all the inspiration that was posted. I thought I’d share some stuff that I’ve enjoyed looking at this week. I’ve been flipping through inspiration online, collecting images at flickr that I put together into two new “Inspiration Mosaics”. These you have to view big, because both are so full of beauty and creative joy, soft colours and happiness. I love looking at my mosaics, little pieces of the creative community in my hand…. Each time I turn on my computer I enjoy the desktop background that I made in the beginning of summer. And also;

Creative inspiration

* Soul journaling class – I am reading archived posts at Sarah Whitmire’s blog. It’s a free (!) art journaling class that is nicely done. If you want to read it, just start at Day one (where we start by “claiming our journals” – gotta love that!) and click the link Newer Post at the end of each post to go to the next lesson. Then you can go through it all like I’ve been doing. Fun stuff!

* Personalized note cards – I always get inspired by Cathe Holden (of Just something I made). The note cards looks easy to do and they are beautiful. I want note cards like those!
* I also really like back-to-school-pencils with special messages and her Seed packets that include ?ber cute Free (!) graphics to print and download!

Inspiration Mosaic - August 2010
Inspiration Mosaic II, August 2010. View big!

Video inspiration

Some videos are so good that almost every blogger out there feels compelled to link or re-post them, the cute video How to be lonely is one of them, most recently mentioned by Violette. If you haven’t seen it, please do. It’s a poem read and preformed by the author. My favorite lines are:

Society is afraid of alonedom, like lonely hearts are wasting away in basements, like people must have problems if, after a while, nobody is dating them. but lonely is a freedom that breaths easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.
Tanya Davis

To be able to enjoy your “alone time” is such a blessing, I only wish I’d known when I was younger.

* Millefiori beads video – I was watching Rachel on youtube making clay beads, its a time-lapse video showing the process of making a Millefiori Cane from polymer clay, and how to make the beads into a finished necklace. OMG! It does look so easy but it probably isn’t…

* Flip Thru video – Tammy’s new video showing her altered hardback book, full to the brim with yummy colours and her beautiful spirit!

* Social media marketing class – almost two hours with Sister Diane talk. I’ve sent the link to my friend who wants to start a blog for the first time, and anyone interested in twitter, facebook and blogging should take the time to listen to it. By the way, I haven’t been very active at iHanna’s twitter, but my followers now count to an amazing 494 people! Wow, it’s a crazy world. ;-)

* Jesse Reno at Art and soul radio, not a video but a podcast non the less. I haven’t listened to it yet but I bet it’s interesting. I love his art.

I hope you will keep inspired this autumn too, and let that inspiration fuel you into action!

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  1. I loved your mosaics. I found my eyes wanted to race from square to square but my mind wanted me to linger on each space and take in all the details. A delightful problem to have!

  2. Thanks for commenting Cindy! Glad you like my mosaics. Isn’t it great that people share so much of what they do for our enjoyment? :-)

  3. these mosaics are bursting with color and inspiration! thanks for sharing those links, too. i can’t wait to go through them! i love cathe holden’s stuff, too. lot’s of (free!) fun. ;) and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments! :)

  4. If I hadn’t known before that we were kindred spirits, I would be assured of it today simply because of that line from How to be Alone. It’s my favourite line too.
    And I’ve watched/listened to it at least 4 or 5 times now…
    I love your mosaics… always so inspired and inspiring.

  5. Miilifiore beads aren’t quite as easy as they look, but close. Especially if you stick to basic designs like jelly rolls and bullseyes until you learn to reduce them.

  6. Is it true that in Norway they take the whole month of August off? Or is that Sweden or all of Scandinavia?
    I like this grid. Thanks for the links, too. I get to surf this weekend. Good!

  7. The inspiration mosaic looks luscious on the full screen, wow! Thank you for your sweet words about my flip-thru – now that I figured out what I’m doing I’ll make more! You are awesome, Hanna!


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