Something to remember, from Kerouac’s Rules for Spontaneous Prose:

You’re a genius all the time!

Filming my video class

I mentioned the 21 Secrets class the other day and many of you was exited too. There will be 20 art journaling women and one guy teaching you fun things to do in your art journal, on postcards or canvas! Registration starts Monday so be sure to check back here then!

When Connie asked me to be apart of this experimental online project I jumped at the chance to finally teach online. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I’ve talked about it and been asked to teach but never got to where I felt ready to go… Getting started is sometimes the hardest part.

But now when I have said yes I’m thrilled at this idea. For a few days now I’ve been busy making my “little” part of this huge project, and I’m still at it. I’m having so much fun!

I’ve set up a Hollywood studio by my desk, shooting video with my parents MiniDV camera from Panasonic and then importing it into my laptop. I talk into the camera, smile and demonstrate fun ways to use tissue paper. I’m calling my class Layers of Tissue Paper and thought it would be a PDF and quick movie, but now it looks like the first video will be 30 minutes and the second part almost as long! It seams I can’t stop talking!

I like acting like a teacher. I’m not sure I am a teacher, my pupils will tell me. I haven’t met my pupils yet but I hope they will come. I don’t know what they will think about the way I teach but I hope they will enjoy my class a lot. I enjoy making it. I feel like asking: Hanna, why haven’t you tried this before? It’s so fun! I enjoy talking about art journaling a lot even though I don’t enjoy listening to my own voice and all the language mistakes I do. Connie told me that any Swedish accent will just sound cute so I’m hoping everyone will agree with that… hehe.

I really like seeing myself work in my Art Journal, watching my hands move over the page using glue, papers and paint. It’s me, but in a way I have never seen myself. In a way no one has ever seen because getting me this way is totally new to the world! To me this is a new adventure. Yes, I am scared, but excited and happy too. Plus I will get to take the other 20 classes and learn new things! I hope I will be able to learn from others teaching style and video editing ways too, and evolve in that way as well as get to fill many pages in my art journal.

Editing myself

I’m glad I have made a few YouTube movies in my days, practicing my editing skills. If not this would’ve taken for ever! I’m using Windows Movie Maker because it is quick and easy. I am adding music, in between-titles and cutting myself up. Editing and playing with moving images. To make a movie is a slow process, but I’m really happy with the first one that I just finished. Happy music, art journaling playground and me looking into the camera smiling big. I have also inserted a few stills from my camera. It is uploading to vimeo as we speak.

When people say they are working hard making online classes I now know they really are. It is so time consuming to film, watch, play back, cut and edit. I will continue tomorrow, right now I’m extremely ready for bed. zzzZzzZ.