21 Secrets

Taaa-daaa! Together with Dirty Footprints Studio today I present to you the online class 21 SECRETS: An Art Journal Playground! It is now opens for registration and I hope that you will want to come along and play…

You will receive 21 Art Journaling classes all under the same roof for one low price of $59. On October 1st the classes will start. You can do the classes in your own time and when ever you feel like creating! I think it will be awesome. There are 21 Artists teaching 21 Exciting Classes in one Inspiring Playground. And one of the artist is me! I have been having a great time filming and editing my class (it is called Layers of tissue) and now I have also created a downloadable PDF! Yay, it is so pretty!

We’re talking loads of instructional videos, tutorials, pdf’s, and much more. Click here to view more details (if you buy the class via this affiliate link I will be most grateful to you!). Your are also more than welcome to help us spread the world by tweeting about this, that would be awesome too. Thank you sweeties!

See you in class, right?