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The Perfect Protest

Everyone has his faults which he continually repeats; neither fear nor shame can cure them. Jean de La Fontaine From my Art Journal: A Perfect Mess: I don’t even want to be perfect! Is it a contradiction in terms to call your art and your life “a perfect mess” – or is it the only […]

A Creative Nudge or two…

Diana Trout (who wrote the inspirational Journal Spilling book) wants to nudge all of us into creative action. She is starting a new “thing”, something that everyone can join and play with. And she is calling us The Creative Revolutionaries. I love that name! I feel like I am already a part of that movement, […]

Collage: Mr. Walrus and his mustache

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. /Dr. Seuss Hoppilandkalle, original art collage by iHanna. Available. On the same vintage book page that I found the sweet imaginary boyfriend I found this older gentleman, an imaginary grandpa perhaps? I didn’t think […]

Tea Dyeing Fabrics

Hi there! You are invited in for tea. What flavor do you like? Nobody around here drinks ordinary Earl gray, so that was the tea flavor that I was brewing for my first batch of tea dyeing. I gathered up little pieces of fabric, lace and scraps and put everything together in a pot of […]

Class: 21 Secrets for your Art Journal

Taaa-daaa! Together with Dirty Footprints Studio today I present to you the online class 21 SECRETS: An Art Journal Playground! It is now opens for registration and I hope that you will want to come along and play… You will receive 21 Art Journaling classes all under the same roof for one low price of […]

Filming for my first online class

Something to remember, from Kerouac’s Rules for Spontaneous Prose: You’re a genius all the time! I mentioned the 21 Secrets class the other day and many of you was exited too. There will be 20 art journaling women and one guy teaching you fun things to do in your art journal, on postcards or canvas! […]

Sew with acrylic painted fabric

Painting your own fabrics is exciting to me. Altering what is to see what you get is an adventure. Exploring new ways to make your mark in the world, little by little… Following Alisa’s advice from the dvd workshop I was working quickly without much thinking, adding layers to my fabric squares. Stamping more colours […]