I love painting decorative papers. I use them in my art journal and collage work, and today I’m going to show you one way that you can use painted papers in a fun way.

Strip Ease: tearing papers by iHanna

For the July crusade I took a pile of papers out and tore some strips of paper. I followed exactly what the prompt said, tore papers into strips and glued them randomly into my Art Journal.

Strip Ease: glue time

The result is a more wild looking pattern than what I got when I created Sewn Stripe Paper, but I love the look of both. I wanted a focal image and browsed through almost all of my clip archive without finding a suitable image… Probably because I’m going toward doing more personal stuff these days, trying to find favorite images to alter and not use as much magazine photos as I used to.

Strip Ease: cut out by iHanna

On my desk I found a photo copy of one of my drawings of two girls standing next to each other. I cut out the girls and moved them around to different places on the spread until I found the right spot.

Strip Ease: message

I colored them with colored pencils, glued them down and made little speech bubbles so that they could have a conversation.

Strip Ease: coloured

The first one is saying: I think I am going to fill this Art Journal with personal imagery and experiment with colors and happiness! This is the first spread I’m creating in this altered book. It’s a vintage children’s fact book about biology and nature, with extremely cute illustrations. I tore out two pages for every signature to make room for collage as I always do.

This is how the finished spread looks:

Strip Ease Art Journal Page

Through the strips of torn papers you can catch a glimpse of two of the crusaders, the crab and the shrimp, and listen in on their conversation;

Art Journaling is Fun

I hope you join crusade number 42 called Strip Ease too. It was extremely fun using all of these favorite papers on one page like this! Please don’t be as boring as this one not so smooth crusin’ fella;

don't bug me!

By the way, I promise no pun intended when I made “strip ease” into a “comic strip”, but hey, I love to play with words! Since I think this was fun, it’s now “comic strip ease” (already a word play by Michelle of course; on “strip tease”).