Make a Library Book Pocket for your Journal

Let’s make library pockets that we can use in our journals!

When I made my Owl Journal I mentioned the importance of adding at least one pocket on the inside of each notebook cover. If you don’t have those plastic corners you can make your own Library Book Pockets. I like the old fashioned feel of this form, but you can also use small envelopes or fold your own paper pocket of course!

My own library pocket - with dinosaurs! (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

If you have a pocket in your paper stash carefully take it apart and copy its form to a new paper. Then cut it out, glue it together and adhere to your inside cover. Easy and fun project. If you haven’t got a template, see link below.

Small library pocket idea by iHanna (Photo Hanna Andersson

I like to use all kinds of papers when I create my pockets. Painted papers or leftover vintage book pages cut from altered books – especially if they’ve got fun patterns or illustrations. Recycled papers, hello! Library pocket dinosaurs, anyone?

Also, you could use yellow envelope paper for that authentic library look…

My own library pockets  - ideas by iHanna of (Photo Hanna Andersson

What ever you do, be sure to add a pocket to the inside of your next notebook, journal and DIY calendar – before you even start using it. In this way you’ll always have somewhere to tuck in extra stickers, labels, receipts or business cards.

Pocket Inspiration Links

My library pockets - ideas by iHanna of

  • Templates from Creature Comforts – such pretty designs. Includes pdf-files with library pocket, standard card and gift card!
  • Michelle’s Pockets – a look into various journal pages using pockets – great inspiration here!
  • Scrapfriend’s Library Card Pocket Album – isn’t this project cute?

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  1. I love these! the dino will hit home here!! thanks for visiting me always nice to “meet ” new friends!

  2. I re-found your site after searching for the “How to find your own answers” post I so enjoyed a few years back. And that combined with the fact that today’s post was so helpful, I wanted to say hello and thank you!

  3. Thanks! So glad my blogging is inspirational to people, and Greta, how cool to know you remembered the name of a post and googled it to find it again – makes me very inspired to know! I hope you find the answers to your questions.

  4. Thanks for sharing the Mirkwood template link- that’s a useful site! I can’t wait to try this project out – maybe people will return my books if I put these on them as a gentle reminder of who the book belongs to. Maybe.

  5. I love these pockets… I miss the old library system sometimes. I loved looking at all the people who had checked the books out before me and how far back the dates went. Great idea!

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