I will make my present as close to my future as I possibly can. That is the secret. Love where you are. Make the most of it. Get to the feeling of what you are after. That is what you are searching for anyway. Happiness.

Lately I have missed making square collages, like a lot. So I decided to make at least one one, to get me started. I sat down by my desk and cut out a foundation to start working on, from card board.

Owl collage I (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Green Owl Collage on card board. April 2010.

I feel kind of silly doing a owl collage, because so many others are making cool owl stuff. But I guess I’m not done with owls yet. I still love how they look. Eloquent. Soft feathers, sharp beak. The are similar to cats when you think about it. Both are night creatures, hunters but still so beautiful. Killers yes, but with that soft lovable look a girl just can’t resist… I love the contrast in that. I love contrasts. Plus, owls are the symbol of book reading and knowledge, something I have a close love for.

Owl collage I
I drew a square in the middle of the cardboard and created the collage (almost) within those lines. The surrounding white is a bit of a mess, but not meant to be viewed much…

The collage is the perfect fit inside the mat board of a Ribba frame from IKEA. Pro! look:

Owl collage in a frame (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
The mat board (this white paper is called passpartout in Swedish, from French of course) will hide the stains I accidentally made around the actual collage, and also has a more practical functions: to separate the art from the glass.

I think anything will look great and very professional with matting and framing. I’ve added this Green Owl Collage (SOLD!) to my Etsy Shop. Check it out. The collage is sold without the frame but because IKEA is available most places I hope it will get framed and beautifully hung on someones art wall! If you want to cut mat boards yourself you need some tools and a bit of practice. I have never tried it though, I prefer pre-cut mat boards.

A day later I made another owl collage, number 2:

Owl collage 2 (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)

Owl collage II (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Pink Owl collage. April 2010.

I’m really pleased with both of these collages. I have added the Pink Owl (SOLD!) to my Etsy Shop too.

I feel updated

AND sent out my rare Newsletter – finally. If you’re a subscriber I appreciate that you let me be commercial with you. Sending out my newsletter is a nice way to let people who likes what I do know about it. It’s been on my to-do-list for a few months now… Maybe I will try to send out another one this year, hehe. I also noticed yesterday I had 400 followers at my twitter account (where I share my favorite finds from the net; videos, articles, tutorials, giveaways, etc). Today I have 402 followers! Kind of cool! I haven’t even sent out that many tweet messages yet, hehe.

And I have started with four new collages already! I can’t wait to finish those too, I think I will do lots of square collages now, because as I said, I miss them. In 2008 I made an art card each day (!), so maybe the habit is still in me… I am deciding right now to get into the habit of making more art. But tonight I’m having coffee and embroidery with the Embroidery Group – yay!

See ya!