Magazine layout

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post about my Blurb book with A Years worth of Photos! Your great comments made my day! Also, I got a few questions that I plan to answer as soon as I can in a Question & Answers post. If you want to know anything about book making please keep adding your questions to that post and I will answer them all.

While making photo books and a zine using InDesign I’ve developed a new pair of eyes. Eyes that see design and layout – everywhere! For example the spreads below. I found them in a magazine from a Swedish eye wear seller. Just fun ads that I am drawn to because of the “art journal style” using photos, black marker and tape:

Magazine layout - inspiration

Magazine layout

I’ve always loved good design
and I can not enjoy a book wholeheartedly if the designer has done a poor job! Not even if it has got great content. The look and feel to a book is very important, don’t you agree? As are beautiful images, headlines and the overall feel. I love big margins and white areas (room to breath), image grids, innovative play with fonts etc.

I also enjoy layout that I come upon online, here are some examples I’ve enjoyed lately. Let me know if you see something I should check out!

Magazine layout inspiration

  • Magazine love from hula seventy – photographed spreads from a loved magazine!
  • Non pareil mag – a diy wedding magazine that is viewable online – beautiful designed pages!
  • Process magazine online – at magcloud you can publish your own magazine or check out cool art magazines like this one in your browser – for free!
  • Parasol mag is a magazine about art + craft + design, and you can download it too!
  • Disposition thesis – a little magazine add that you can view online, very beautiful scrappy style! [via robayre]
  • Boubou teatime blog – a crazy mix of images, fonts and red/pink or as she says herself “collage, fashion, quotes & journaling”. ♥ Love it!