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Valentine’s day around the corner

Sitting here with a cup of coffee. I’m overwhelmed with the response to the postcard swap, and wow, thanks for all your kind comments on my Dixieland Tree Embroidery! I’m glowing with pride. Each comment you write makes me want to sew 100 stitches more! If you read my blog last year you might remember […]

Dixieland Tree Embroidery

I’m proud to present the Dixieland Tree Embroidery with hand stitched patchwork border, batting as backing and lots of small stitches all around: Dixieland Tree – Embroidery ready to hang. What do you think? While working on Dixieland Tree I have really had many beautiful moments that I cherish in my heart. I was visiting […]

How to sew Strip Paper

While planning to make my travel journal and later sewing pages for it, on the sewing machine, I got intrigued by sewing into paper. A couple of days later I went back to the sewing machine with a pile of papers to sew together and just made “sewn strip paper”. I don’t know exactly how […]

Broderiakademin | Sweden’s Embroidery Guild

Last year there was an embroidery exhibition in town, and when visiting it I found out Sweden has an Embroidery Guild open to everyone, called Tcklebo Broderiakademi! How amazing is that? I had no idea groups like this excised. Where I live there is even a local group meeting every month! When I joined I […]

Postcard inspiration from iHanna

I’m sitting here with a lit candle flickering by my side, sipping some tea. I thought I’d write a long post about “this and that” from my mind today, but now I’m just too tired to put together words… I created an excel document tonight with information about the participants of the DIY Postcard Swap […]

Collage Postcards with spraypaint

For the spraydate I put together three quick collages on cardstock so that I cut spray some on top of the collage. I’ve already sent these postcards to dear friends, but before that I scanned them. I love how these postcards look! Postcard: Abandoned houses for Maria. Postcard: Criscross. Postcard Bambi Charlie.

The Pink Kanzashi and the Red Hat that shrunk

As promised a crafty project presentation. It’s a crocheted red hat with a pink kanzashi flower that I made! Here are the two pretty things put together; But let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Once upon a time there was this creative girl with an itch in her fingers to do something… Related PostsHello […]