I got this wonderful little book called A Little book of Fall Zentangles at the Art Exchange: Tag, you’re it! that I got invited to in November. I love this book so much! It’s created by Kathy Stewart. The pages are painted sturdy and each page has a little drawing on watercolor paper. It’s a tiny zentangle (b/w doodle pattern) colored in with watercolors. This is the cover;

A Little book of Fall Zentangles (Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson) #artbook

The cover paper is very cool. When I asked Kathy what it was she described it like this:

It was in my stash and it was some watercolor paper from Nepal or India – someplace like that very rough and no sizing so it really soaked up liquid. I think I put a couple of layers of fluid acryllic/gel media on it and it became very sort of leathery.

Very cool indeed.

And here are some of the pages in this book:

Little Book of Fall Zentangles

You can tell this is made by a real artist. It has a great composition, a thought behind it and beautiful (fall) colors. You just want to jump in and create little books when you see these pages, don’t you? I get lots of “little” ideas and I might even do some books to give away as gifts…. even though I usually don’t give away my art because I’m not confident that my friends will appreciate it. Art is so personal, and hard to give as a gift. What you put on your walls you might want to choose for yourself. Though a little art book might be fun to receive and browse through… yes? I did think so.

Spread of Zentangles
This is one of the bestest things I’ve ever got from someone in the mail.

Little Book of Fall Zentangles (Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson)

A Little book of Fall Zentangles (Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson)

The exchange is a kind of chain letter, and I usually don’t do those. So far I’ve gotten two art gifts out of 36 possible, but as I got this book first I think it made it all worth it even if I don’t get any more packages in the mail…

Further Zentangle inspiration

Flickr Zentangle group – even more inspiration at flickr as usual!
Zentangle.com – the zentangle homepage tells you what it’s about and sells kits you don’t need.
Zentangle meditation, and wet paper painting – where I’ve mentioned zentangles before on this blog. I really like the idea of making these little doodles, but I haven’t made many myself yet. Maybe a pyramid mandala is going to be born soon inside the pages of my next travel journal.