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Angelina Fibers – melted shimmer for fabric artist

Have you ever heard about a fiber called “angelina”? I hadn’t until I got this little bag to try out. It’s a very cool material that melts into a fabric-like surface when you iron it. Here is a description of the material: “The properties of these fibres result in an ability to provide luminescent-iridescent highlights, […]

How to make a Blurb Photo book – Square and Fair

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Henry Ford In March I’ve been working on making a photo book for Sophie’s and my Diptych Project. It felt like this project would make a perfect photo book because it was a time and space restricted project from the beginning. It […]

Writing in a red notebook

Hi! I’m fine, I’m alive. Thanks to those who asked about me. :-) It’s April, one of my favorite months after all. And suddenly; spring is here with warmth that has kept me and Smilla outside for a few days now. I have been listening to new music, reading great books and trying to write. […]