In this world it is so easy to get pulled about in a million different directions and there seem to be so many outside pressures to conform to this and that and to keep up with everybody else. It?s all just noise? Follow your own instincts, do what you want to do, don?t worry about what anybody else is doing, or what anybody else has, just do your own thing.
    / Caroline Middlebrook [blog]

After some daincing with a dry brush it’s time to load up wet wet acrylic paint into the page and monoprint away! I love acrylic paint, don’t you?

Acrylic paint in my art journal (copyright Hanna Andersson)
This is the messy spread that I created in my altered art journal. Isn’t it… I don’t know. It’s messy but I think it is beautiful. Sorry art teachers I had in school, I’m not drawing inside the lines any more.

Monoprinting means that you add paint to a surface than turn that surface over and press it against another paper, thus “printing” a one-time “image”. Michelle Ward writes that she brushed paint onto a sheet of acetate, then monoprinted it onto the surface. She says that “this trick helps retain the integrity of the color and the brush effect”, I guess it’s because it is even dryer when printed.

Gold blurb 1 - monoprinting (copyright Hanna Andersson)

I don’t own any acetate so I used ordinary paper papers laying around, and I did it with lots of acrylic paint (excess) so no brush strokes left this time. I will have to try that next. Instead I got these awesome veins (like a bulky blood vessel = blodåder) when I separated the papers. These “veins” are created on both meeting papers! I think this is a very cool surface for mixed media play!

A closer look reveals this, the true art vein of this page;
Gold blurb 2 - monoprinting (created by Hanna Andersson)
It’s the golden vein of Art, you see them right? It’s where the blood rushes in and the sanity out.

On this monoprinted page in my art journal you can actually see the paper size:
Acrylic yellow print (copyright Hanna Andersson)
See the yellow? It is the monoprint.

Street team crusades of GPP (copyright Michelle Ward)This post is my second contribution to Crusade #29; Brush Effects about monoprinting and dry brushing. Thanks everyone for your generous comments on dreambrushing and edge spattering!

On another note; I finally picked up the Christmas book my brother gave me from the pile of unread books this week and finished it in a dizzy haze. I couldn’t put it down and now I’m reading it again… I love it! I need a new fix! Quick!