Walking on frosty grass with my camera

Photography. Because it is on my mind.

Ice cold walk

Ice cold walk

Ice cold walk

Ice cold walk

What is on your mind these days?

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  1. The pictures have a solitary and hauntingly feeling to them. I have children picture books on my mind. I have been thinking of writing my own.

  2. Hej! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I agree with you on arty photo shots. Especially ice and snow can be inspiring. Love your photo with the ice best. Tack! :-)

  3. Laura, thanks! I know what you mean about scatterbrain… hehe.

    Shell, I can’t wait to read your children’s book! Get to it girl!

    Ellen, thanks for the link. They call daily photos (taken with a phone camera) momentiles – that is just so cute!

    Thanks for commenting.

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