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Ordinary Sparkling Moments to Snap

I’m making tabs for my diary. Some photos from everyday life. The Diptych Project has inspired me to take more photos, and I’m finding I really enjoy the simple and just-as-it-is right now quality of life. I drew these illustrations of animals 16 years ago when my brother was born, to hang on the wall […]

When a tote is a cozy cat blanket

I got this cute tote for my embroidery stuff. Mom made it using a Gudrun Sjödn table cloth thrifted and cut up. I love the colors of my new tote! Pink, red and orange – the best combo ever! And green on the inside… Yummy! But my cat Smillis does not understand the concept of […]

I am just a simple scarf knitter

This is mom’s knitting hands; I love love love this photo! She inspire me, and I inspire her. She has just recently started to knit socks, inspired by all the socks I’ve made! She even knit me a pair of yummy red and pink socks! I wear them all the time as the floor is […]

Inspiration for writing Poetry in your Diary

I’ve read Diana M. Raab’s soft cover poetry book a few evenings now. I think it’s hard to say anything about the poetry itself, because poetry is so personal and sometimes even mystifying. Reviewing it is difficult. I like some of the poems as they make me smile, others I don’t even understand and some […]

Reflect upon your blessings

Reflect upon your blessings, of which every man has plenty, not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. Charles Dickens (this goes for gals too) Visit from the cutest and most stubborn cousin ever. Valentine lovely from dad to mom. Because everything in the window is so darn pretty. And having a […]