How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
Annie Dillard

Daily Art Cards

I’ve finished the Daily Art Cards Project now. These cards have been my small big achievement of 2008. An almost daily creative base to go back to each day, making 10×10 centimeter collages or sometimes drawings.

The Last Card 081231 Daily Art Card 081230

The last two cards of the +366 cards are scanned and uploaded to the flickr folder. Yes I’ve managed to make two on some days, so there are a few “extras” in the piles. I’ve grouped them in piles by month and sorted through them. Some are plain bad, but I like most of them, especially some of the collages. I’ve found new ways to work and stretched a lot.

I look at the piles and I feel so happy that I took on this challenge. I don’t like every card in the pile, oh no I don’t. But I do think they are an accomplishment on my part. I’m glad I did them. When I’ve read about daily challenges before I’ve always said “that’s not for me, I could never do it”. But I guess I should have known better, I’m not a quitter.

I’m not a Quitter>

I just keep going once I’ve started something. I hate loosing, in life, love or challenges. Though I did finish this challenge because I didn’t put up any rules, I just went with it. My first promise was to try it for a week, then for a month. When January 2008 was over I was already hooked, and even though I’ve had slow months where I’ve really thought it too difficult to keep up. Time and energy just wasn’t evident, but then I had a art Sunday where I did catch up and could continue from there. The days went by and I cranked out art cards in any mood. I’m surprised and content. And yes, proud.

Daily Art Card Storage

After the Daily Art Cards

For this year I’m going to try to write Daily Poetry. That is so much easier to do than the Daily Art Cards I think. I guess I have a closer relationship with words (as they live in my head) than I do with my art material (that are sometimes packed in boxes or to far away to reach). I’ve actually been practicing the entire year to “write in public” as I write in my diary when I commute to and fro work. Art in public is so much more difficult because when I sit down to create I’m not very planned. I don’t know what I will use and I need to have my materials at arms reach! Even if I just leave my room I need to go back five times to fetch that thing I absolutely need right now; tape roll, wrapping paper, special crayons, watercolor box, gesso, pencil, bead, ticket folder, etc. etc. So Poetry, where it’s just me and my little notebook, will be perfect for 2009!

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.
Mark Twain

My goal for 2009 is to write a poem each day and not procrastinate it even when I feel low on inspiration! So that’s adding another dimension and making Daily for real. All I need to write it is a few minutes, my notebook and a pen. That’s it. For art I need more time and an arty mood, though I’ve learned this year that I can create art even when I’m not in the right frame of mind. It’s possible and I have surprised myself with this over and over again this year.

Daily Art Cards storage on the wall

Art in My Life

How does art play a prominent role in your personal life? [question prompt via Chrysti.]
Let me count the ways… As I’ve given art a prominent role in my life it has changed me and my life a lot, and making art continues to be my favorite activity. This year I’ve made the daily art cards and being creative almost every day is a great way to nudge yourself into doing something and feeling good! I love it. It is my comforter, my soul food and my meditation practice!

There is much to be said about these cards and my year, but now I’ve got to run for the buss again, as usual I’m late. So late, so late, I wish I had more legs…

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