A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow. From my own personal experience, it can be a catalyst for enriching your life.Ali Edwards

Ice cold walk

After much inner debate I’ve settled for a word of the year. A 2009 one little word.

It’s a word that will guide me and help me remember where I want to go this year. I haven’t made any specific goals of where I want to be when 2010 comes or what I want to do until then. I just know that I want to have more things happening in my life and more “life” to it. To try to achieve this I need to change myself and the way I act in everyday life. I can not wait for this to come to me, I need to go out and find it on my own. I need to go out into the world and be surrounded by situations, people, life, noise, discussions, inspiration and challenges. So the word I choose is outgoing which in Swedish is utåtriktad!

My 2009 Word

Frost in the grass

Outgoing in Swedish can be interpreted as directed; which to me says I need to look around and direct myself. To have or take charge of; control. For example, send my energy in the right direction! The right direction for me that is.

But really outgoing is a personality trait that I do not poses much off. As I’ve talked about before I’m a introvert, a friendly and social introvert yes, but still not outgoing. So it’s something that I want to strive toward. To be more social. For example; I want to be in a group of people and sit comfortable. I just want to sit there and talk, sip a cup of coffee and draw, embroider, knit and spend time together. I want to mingle and go to parties. I want to be asked out. I have no idea who will invite me to a party, but I think it will happen more than once soon, as it is my word now. And if nobody invites me to a party, I will have a party myself! I’ll invite everyone! I’m already planning one event for spring… And maybe a trip to my cousin in Scotland?

Something is already happening, and I’m only on week two of this year!

Ice cold walk

I can feel the shift within and it scares the heck out of me – but hey, I can take that. I’m grown up. I can take the fear that bubbles up in my stomach even though it’s uncomfortable and scary. I will take it. It walks hand in hand with situations I haven’t been in before, and those will come with joy and laughter too. What I will not take is another year of “waiting”. I think my word last year must’ve been waiting, even though I didn’t say it out loud then. I sat around and waited while nothing happened. Nothing! Oh well, I did say yes to invitations but I didn’t initiate anything on my own. That’s where I’m lacking and need change.

My 2009 Word is OUTGOING as in going places, being nice and asking for help

Outgoing also means “going out or away”. Which to me means walking in beautiful surroundings, alone, with my camera or with others. And traveling, to new adventures and places. It means I’m leaving where I am right now and moving forward, one day at a time. It means I’m sending out things and feelings in every direction I can think of! I want to send out postcards, craft, art, love and inspiration. The word could be about my creativity. It shan’t stay inside with me any more. It wants to go on a walkabout too!

Outgoing is about a way of being social. To me it’s a new way of thinking, acting differently, spending energy differently. Planning my free time better so that I can meet with people I want to spend time with. My slogan will be “Putting myself out there!” even though I know I will bring my expectations as well as my anxieties. To put yourself “out there” takes courage and bravery. It’s cold out there, as you all know. I’m reading a book about the brain right now, and it’s so fascinating! Today I read a passage about how when we don’t have a job we feel like we have all the time in the world – and nothing gets done. I think it’s the same thing with being social. You have every person in the world just a phone call or e-mail away; so you think you can just see them tomorrow. Or the next day…. But you need to do it over and over again, as it is how we live our life. In repeating patterns.

Frosty patterns

Thank you for all your comments on my latest posts! They have been long but important to write for me. Thanks for reading and giving back, letting me know about your 2009 word, your goals, daily habits, inspirations and thoughts on a new creative year! Thank you for being out there and taking the time to comment.