Sophie a.k.a. Miss KoolAid, asked if I’d be interested in doing a photo project with daily diptychs (two images that work together) together with her. This is our first diptych:

Day 1: walking by Sophie (above) and iHanna (below) - Copyright Hanna Andersson

Team Diptych is all about Daily Photography

I said yes to this project because;

1) I’ve been wanting to take more everyday photos but I say no to myself because I don’t do anything with my photos plus I always take “too many”, now I have the reason I needed to just snap, snap, snap!

2) I love working with my photos in Photoshop, but I seldom take the time. And while sitting with Photoshop today, I’ve been playing with other photos too, using downloaded actions and adding text to some of my photos. I love this project, can you tell I’m excited?

3) there is something utterly fascinating with diptychs (and triptychs too). I think something amazing happens when you put two photos together, and it’s even more amazing now that one of them is a surprise to me! Even when the photos aren’t very similar they respond to each other and “talk”, don’t you think so? It’s like they DO have something to say when they come together. I love that!

4) I like that in this project, for the first time, I’m taking photos with a word prompt that I need to ponder. I love how a word makes taking the photo not just an act but a thought, a plan, something to figure out before snapping! And I don’t know about you, but when I take my camera out for one shot I just keep on going. Yesterday I took 41 photos, today 30! Though there are a lot of blurry ones that I’ll delete later, one is “the chosen one” that I’m combining with Sophie’s photo of the day.

Day 2: comfort
and also

5) I think a photo project collaboration with Sophie in Canada, who I haven’t met and don’t know in person (except through our ♥ blog communication) but consider a friend, could be really interesting as we’re similar in many ways (we both have cats, we both did art cards last year etc) and photos is a nice way to get to know each other more!

I don’t know about you but I’m SO exited about this!!

I thought it was amazing yesterday (the word was walking) that our photos were so similar in color and feeling, very wintery and each with a left foot in it! My brother said to me that they look the same except Sophie’s photo is better because her foot is sharp and mine is blurry! Dough! I guess we took the same thought rout there? I love Sophie’s photo, but personally I think mine is cool too, because the depth of the focus is about 1 centimeter (on the button of my coat) and out of focus both below and above that, but hey, I hate to point that out to ya bro!

Today is our second day of being Team Diptych, and the word is comfort. We’ve made a list of words together. Every other word I came up with and the list is 30 days long. My set of photos can be found in the folder The Diptych Project, please feel free to comment on our diptychs there!

Find a partner, make your own diptychs!

Time to dip your own feet!? Sophie found the inspiration for us at a new to me site called Art Slam where you can read about this project. Lucrecer is inviting you too do your own Daily Creative Project: The Team Diptych! I adore her because she (and Sophie who I also adore) has reminded me in the midst of dark Swedish winter how fun photography is (and can be even during dark winter days)! Also read the guide Photography Tips for Aspiring Photographers and then pick up your camera and have fun!

More diptych inspiration here, here, here and here!

PS: My blog has been down again because of server problems, I’m sorry about this, I’ve missed you too! Badly this time because I wanted to tell you how fun this project is. Visit Sophie of MissKoolAid too. Tomorrow’s word is rainbows