080904 I’m fine, just having a intense cold with coughing and dripping nose while still trying to do what I have to do. So when I’ve been at home I’ve mostly been watching TV (unusual for me) or sleeping! “Wasting” all this time makes me intense aware of how precious time is. It’ already September and I need to go outside and do my Autumn walk with camera in hand!

Cathy’s comment on my post I’m layered as an onion makes me blush a bit:

    What an intensely creative person you are Hanna. I will never know how you find the time to do so much but I love reading about it and looking at your lovely pictures.

It also made me think. The post I had in my mind to write now is about how I’ve slowed down as a creative person the past few (summer) months. I feel like I don’t need to start anything. It’s not that I don’t want to (no loss of appetite) and it’s not that I don’t have the time to (even though I have less craft time these days). It’s just that I don’t need to. I can feel the difference within me. I think I’m more in the now.

080905 I guess I’m not less creative really, but my pace has slowed down. I notice now how I’ve been rushing everything the past couple of years! I still have too many ideas to ever follow up on, but my mindset have changed. I don’t know if it has been noticeable on the blog, it’s more of an inner shift. I think it comes from several different things in my life. Maturing. Getting older. Having less space of my own. Meditating. Spiritual search. Sorrows lived though and dealt with. Life in general that is.
I’m mostly slowing down with craft and starting new projects! Instead other means of expression is taking place and even other interests.

I feel my need to write and express myself is growing. I’m looking forward to NanoWriMo this year (my second year) and I’m constantly writing little notes down. I’m going to work harder on getting a set time each day to sit down and write. Write down to my bones as I sit like this in a arm chair with my feet up. Fleshing out some of all the articles and thoughts I have in my head. Act more as the journalist I am was on my list for this years goals, but so far I’ve not achieved anything! I’m getting rusty by resting on my laurels!

080908 I’ve started working on a digital photo album that I’m in love with. It will be a personal piece just for me and my family, filled with this years photos. I absolutely love working with layout and I think maybe I should’ve been a book designer instead of a webdesigner back in the days? I have lots to learn and probably should get a few books on the subject (any suggestions?) but in the meantime I’m enjoying myself with fonts, dotted lines, rounded corners and my photos that fill the page (I tend to do to much, who could’ve guessed?). I love simple. I admire bloggers who have on beautiful photo in each post. I always add in 3-10, not because all of them are the best but because I can not chose just one! :-)

So how intense is intense? How intensely creative am I really?

I’m making a 10×10 daily art card each day this year, though I cheat a lot and some days have to catch up and do several. I’ve knitted some on a pair of socks when watching TV the past days but that is it right now. And I’m fine with that thoug I will post some projects I have done soon – photos that will contradict this post totally. Yeah well, you know what I mean?