Maybe it’s the force of gravity

Sometimes when I go through a magazine that I’m throwing away I cut out words, quotes and phrases that catches my eye. Often I feel that they refer to what I’ve been thinking about, what I am or what I want to become. Sometimes they are just funny facts or tidbits of information that fascinates me. I plan to use the big letter cut-outs in my Art Journal, but somtimes I just glue words together randomly in my diary. I fill a spread with words, like this:

September collage

Sometimes these quotes can be rather mysterious, taken out of their context, but that is what I like about them. Who said that, what did they mean and what does it say about me that I cut it out? One of the quotes above translates to:

– Maybe it’s the force of gravity that prevent things from being at several places at once…

Another one reads:

– The unreal becomes real and the new “reality”.

Poem starters maybe, thought provoking for sure. If you have a notebook or diary that you use mostely for writing (like I do in my Moleskine diary) it might look a bit boring to you when you compare it to other peoples Art Journals and Visual Sketchbooks, right? A fun way to spruce things up a bit without being too artistic, is to splatter paint on your page!

Moleskine prepp

Fill your hard brush with lots of water and watercolor paint, and use your finger to splash out the paint randomly on your page. The result will vary but what I’m looking for are those little tiny dots of paint that will remind you of egg-shells. Use only one color or several, and when it’s dry you can write over your paint and maybe feel even more inspired to write a poem or a journal entry about your day?!

Have fun with it and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love your notebook! So beautiful and inspiring! I toss my clippings in a drawer, my husband calls it my “crazy pile,” until I can put them into a binder.

  2. It was fun for me to read some of these headlines… jag kan svenska (lite gran)! I lived in Sweden for 15 months when I was in my early 20s… my oldest son was born in Uppsala!

    Thank you for the inspiration, as usual!

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