A Handmade Wedding Card – with a little bit of purple

Today is purple or lilac. It’s another wedding day!

Purple Wedding Card

I love to play with colors and this week has been about purple even though purple is my least liked color of them all! I have nothing in this colors, nor items nor clothes. I don’t know why, but the color just don’t appeal to me. Maybe it feels like a messed up pink? Pink is my favorite color! Purple I pass by. But I do love to play with colors and recently we’ve been playing with purple because today I’m going to my yes count them third wedding this year!

Purple Wedding Card

On the invitation it says to wear something purple if you want to! Just a little detail because it is the brides favorite color and it’s a fun thing! I love this idea! I did this on my birthday once and it was so much fun! I asked for a small detail of pink on my guests and almost all found something! It was so fun! It’s a little bit like a costume party but with good taste and not that much work! I recommend you to try it out some day!

Mom has bought a purple hat (!) and dad has a new tie! I’ve just painted my nails dark purple and put on my newly bought ring with purple flowers and swirls! Maybe after today I’ll appreciate this color better… And I’ve also made the wedding card!

Purple Handmade Wedding Card
The card I made was much inspired by recent accordion paper crafts that I’ve seen. I made it like a book and used up a lot of the purple papers that I have in my stash that I’ve never even looked at before! The first page says the bride and grooms names, and today’s fun date 08-08-08, and then on the first page inside it says “We wish you…” and then on each page a word of what we wish them.

Purple Wedding Card
Purple Wedding Card

We wish you… Health, luck, cozy moments, friendship, fellowship romance, laughter and fun! I wish all of this for everyone! I hope you will have a wonderful day!

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  1. Ah bummer – you beat me to finishing this idea! When I saw your moleskin the other day, and couldn’t find one for myself at NK, I thought of making one – and while starting up that work, I thought of making a card in this style. And now you made one…! Oh well, you’re an amazing inspiration, so I’ll forgive you…! ;o)

  2. I LOVE the colour purple. It’s my all time favourite colour and about half my wardrobe is in in assorted shades of it.

    Embrace purple! It’s the colour of magic, after all!

    Your accordion card looks great.

  3. I like purple, but I know how you feel… I haven’t been very fond of yellow for years and years. And now, suddenly, I love it. I think, perhaps, since I have become more acquainted with the warm and lovely yellows, instead of just the garish or cold, greenish-yellows.

    But these days, I actually have come to love almost all colors. I’m still wary about mauve, though, which is like purple gone bad.

  4. purple used to be my all time favorite color.

    i dressed all in purple,
    i loved prince…
    purple rain was my favorite movie…
    i had purple shoes to match
    all my purple sweaters…
    my scribblers and binders, all purple…
    i had a purple marker that i used to
    scribble on school desks with…
    i used purple flirt in my hair…
    wore purple mascara.

    i had forgotten just how obsessed i was.

    in my grade 12 yearbook,
    all the comments written by friends
    include something about purple.

    and i love the card…
    very, very pretty!

  5. OHHHH purple is my favorite color – deep, jewel toned purple. I just found your blog tonight – believe it or not, but I sat on the floor surrounded by a bunch of fabric trying to figure out what to do with it and decided to go explore…I am in love with your blog! I wish that I had just a tiny bit of your creativity. Unfortunately I spend more time searching for that perfect project and never finding it. Anyway, just wanted to say hello!!!!

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