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There is HopeWhen there is love, there is hope.

I’ve written about how I helped make the wedding cake with white sugarpaste and set the black and white table with all that DIY-wedding stuff. Now the time has finally come to post some photos from the actual wedding day! I took many of guests and stuff, but I’m only going to post these that I took at our Big Photo Shoot before church (and some later). Gray sky but thankfully no rain.

I was very honored to be the Official Photographer (second time in my life!) and not as nervous as I was at the first wedding. Though the groom was stiff and very difficult to get a smile from (he does not feel comfortable in front of a camera) I managed to get some shots that I think are really wonderful!

Taken during the ceremony and just afterwards:

M&M Wedding Photos
Kneeling in front of God.

M&M Wedding Photos
Leaving church in a cloud of Good Luck rice.

M&M Wedding Photos

M&M Wedding Photos
The priest was an adorable little lady with a Lilla My hair-do!

I think it is really important not just to take these important newspaper-ad photos, the official picture that they will frame and hang, but also capture the intimacy and humor between the couple! To really see them and be there. To see their interaction with guests and family members. I just love documenting what is going on behind the curtain; the kitchen activity, the make-up and the many preparations that has to be made to ensure a smooth wedding day! Children running around playing, the friends giggling around the table, how the food looks and setting the table etc.

M&M Wedding PhotosSome of my favorite photos from the day is not shared here. One is where the groom is collapsed over the kitchen table resting his head against his arms feeling very tired and not knowing where he could help best or what to do. Another is the bride going to another house with her friends to sleep there her last night as unmarried, capturing the midnight sun still glowing in the middle of the night behind her. Little moments that will not be seen unless a photographer is there. That was me this time!

A wedding is like a holiday or like a little trip – and I’m the travel journalist documenting the preparations, the sightseeing and the homecoming. Maris said one of the reasons she like my photos is because of my angels (not standing where I’m expected to be). I like that, and when I looked back at the photos I can see it too. I have a way of moving around the subject, moving away and getting in close. I wanted them to laugh and I made them laugh and relax a bit (though it was difficult). I wanted them to be their most beautiful self and that wasn’t difficult at all (I didn’t need to do anything), they just look beautiful and lovely.

I would love to take photos professionally – it’s embowering and so much fun! Just stay with the couple for a few days, get to know them and follow them around like this! Or how about portraits of children or dogs? That would be so fun! Who wants to invite me first? Pay my plain ticket and lodging and I’ll be there!? Feel free to contact me as I love to travel to where love resides and document it! :-) Wouldn’t that be a nice name: The Traveling Photographer – visits where love resides. I like it!

Oh well, one can dream, right?

Want to see more photos?

Here we go:

M&M Wedding Photos
Shoes (I do love shoes but I didn’t notice until after the wedding how many photos of shoes I had taken!). Here are two pairs that follows the color theme of the wedding!

M&M Wedding Photos
Me and the beautiful bride!

M&M Wedding Photos
Walking the road ahead together.

M&M Wedding Photos

M&M Wedding Photos
The same photo as above but cut a little closer to the faces! I love what you can do with your photos even after they are taken.
iHanna ♥ Photoshop!

M&M Wedding Photos

M&M Wedding Photos

M&M Wedding Photos
Another zoom-in!

M&M Wedding Photos

I’ve been playing a bit with the photos combining them together like this:

M&M Wedding Photos
The Groom.

M&M Wedding Photos
The Bride.

Combining 2-3 photos like this is called storyboard and I’ve recently fallen in love making these. You have seen them in several of my posts thi summer. They are just so fun to make, I have both downloaded a storyboard that someone else has made and made my own following this tutorial:

Easy 3-panel Storyboard in Photoshop! I never knew what those were about before!

It’s fun to do a 3-panel like this one of another friend where I’ve only used two photos but resized the first image so that it looks like three photos! Very fun, you should try it out! You’ll get a little obsessed though and want to combine all kinds of photos!

Here are some more storyboards:

The pair of them.

I hope you enjoyed these! Let me know if what you think and if you want me to come visit you and take some photos!

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