I realize now I should have tried to take photos of my fused glass pieces in a better light before building up the suspense yesterday, but here they are anyway, fused and glory;

My stuff
My glass!

What do you think? Not as good as I imagined but not at all as bad as I feared either! And the heat has done a bit of magic with them considering how they looked before!

Glass fusing

…and after:
From the kiln

Isn’t it cool what a little heat can do?

I found one pink piece that kind of stayed pink with green shimmer to it, but otherwise I made several greens which is a color I really like. Blue was also difficult to obtain but lilac easy… Nor mom or I like lilac at all (!), but I got a blue and silver that I like. I will give it to my mother!

Mom has bought
from Maria’s Jewelry Shop previously and if you don’t have the opportunity to try glass fusing right now I think you deserve a necklace at least! Send your request to Maria even if you can’t read Swedish, her stuff cost from USD 25 to 35 plus postage!

Finished and mounted pieces I bought necklace hangings and leather string from Maria’s stash to finish the ones I decided to make into necklaces. I turned each piece round a couple of times to “see” the up and down of it, and asked Maria for advice on how to hang them (and then did what I thought felt right anyway). Glued the rings to the backside and left them spread out to dry. I don’t use jewelry very often, but these I think I will use. I like their simple style!

The “pink” is in the upper right corner;

Finished pieces
The blue and the greens turned out best but I love how the glittery metal colors melted into the silver part! Yummy!

Green I like!
I like green!

Finished pieces
I’m happy with the result!

Get your own here!