I don’t know if Martha Stewart would approve with black and white as the theme colors of a wedding? It is not among her color choices anyway. Nah, she prefers pink, emerald, aqua, pastel and cream white… dough! But for my cool friend Maris and her biker fianc the b/w was perfect!

Do it Yourself wedding

It was black with white dots actually – and adding in red as a tiny accent here and there! Everything was handpicked, crafted and organized meticulously. This bride should be a wedding organizer in her next life (she is a journalist now and went to journalist school with moi)!

So today some of the b/w photos I snapped as we set the tables. It was a true Do It Yourself Wedding! Maybe you’ll find some table setting inspiration here?

Midsummer wedding
The guest presentation and songs were created with the same papers as the invitation that I got earlier this year and the program we got in the church. Everything was very coordinated and beautiful.

Midsummer wedding
The gift box was covered in polka dot wrapping paper! They were asking not for big expensive gifts but for a donation as they want to go on a longer honeymoon later on.

Place card stones
The placing cards where black pebble stones with everyones handwritten name on. Placed out randomly on the table and in the windows were black stones with special words like; always, happiness and sickness & health (nöd & lust)!

Midsummer wedding
Black napkins and red hearts spread all over the tables. Each heart handmade in clay by the bride, groom and friends back home.

Midsummer wedding
Disposable cameras dressed up for the wedding in polka dot papers and with a little information on how the guests were welcome snap away with! The kids had a blast with them – and I would guess the newly wed got some fun surprises when they developed the film later?!

Love is sweet
Love is sweet! Candy treat for all grownups was placed by the glass. Isn’t that cute with the little label made for each bag? The kiddos got even bigger bags with more yummy stuff inside.

Midsummer wedding
The wedding table is almost finished, only the food and guests are missing now! A whole lotta work and planning went into this wedding, but I think it turned out to be one of the most beautiful I’ve ever attended!

The wedding cakes, the bride and groom, the outdoor decoration and the tables – everything in theme colors! Even the candy was red, black and white!

This is one of my favorite photos from the wedding:
Midsummer wedding
Yes, it’s important to talk to each other and plan together. It’s a day for the two!