Hello chewing gum!
Hello Bubbly Fun! Hello Kitty Chewing Gum!

I will present links to fun crafty and arty tutorials here on my blog each Sunday for a while! Also check out part one. This is part two (II) of the Sunday Fun! Enjoy!

List of Craft Tutorials

Oh, and if you’re into mixed media and art journals you have to go look at
* Tam’s Art Journal [found via her youtube willowing via her website]
* Albert’s Journal Pages by Kathy McCullen.
* COLLAGE PLAY with Crowabout – sign up at Nancy’s blog and come play (I hope we’ll start very soon!)!!!

And if you like to get some news on more tutorials and great stuff visit the new site
* Elemental craft which linked to my Etsy shop! :-)

* Drops New Knitting Patterns – that is inspiration, now I know that I need a gray sweater this autumn!

Also check out iHanna’s Tutorial Page of course. Lots to be inspired by!