Cut up a magazine

min bsta huskur-klipp I found this little lady (magazine clipping) in one of the mags from my grandmother. Isn’t it cute? It’s a little advice sent in by someone named Dagmar, and the text says:

When I’m tired or feel down I cut out beautiful images from magazines that I save and glue on loose papers. In this way I divert my melancholy thoughts and the tiredness disappears!

I smiled when I found this clip. It is such a cute advice and it rings very true to me. I did this for weeks and weeks last summer. Cut out pretty images and glued them down, scattering my thoughts and dreaming away.

I imagine this little cute lady with white hair sitting at her kitchen table with her cat curled up in her lap, cutting out images of flowers, animals and children while sipping her coffee, looking out the window. Her curls bobbing and the radio playing happy tunes while paper is scattered around her.

It will be me in a couple of years. It could be me today, except the white hair…

Cut up a magazine

I love to cut into magazines!

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know. If you’re to tired to be creative and challenge yourself; cut into a magazine with your scissors and have fun!

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