The blogosphere where I float around is so generous and kind. All of us are creative, inspiring and giving women who likes to share and build community. The internet as a whole is not as nice as our “private” little creative world here, but I don’t go out there very often, where the big wolves play. The internet you hear about in the newspaper is not the same place where I dwell.

My nook

I like to stay within the craft and art world of blogs, families, personal photos, creative sparks and free sharing. I feel “at home” here. I love that there are no intruders passing by, commenting or demanding, spreading negativity. Yes, some spam engines find us of course, but those we blow away like they were nothing (with the help of smart plugins and great programming). Here we can find ourselves among friends. Here we befriend our self.

I’m on a creative journey with my blog, maybe you are too. To me it’s a space where I turn on the light when it is dark outside, open the window to feel the wind on my face. My blog is a outlet and a input place where i meet you guys. The journey does not need to be a blog or a space, it could also be a photo album, an art journal or your diary. And it is always a way of thinking as you carry it with you in your mind. If you are on that journey you know what I’m talking about. It’s a way of seeing, feeling and stopping to think about it all…

I’m on my fifth year of blogging now (just celebrated my fourth blogoversary) and I hardly ever have a problem finding something to post about. I love writing about things that relates to creativity, art or craft, though sometimes it is links to other artists that inspire me. If I did my math correctly out of 52 commentators on the blogoversary;

Readers of this blog

21 are in the US,
5 in Canada,
5 in Sweden,
4 in UK,
3 in Australia,
2 in the Philippines and 2 in New Zealand (!)
and 5 in the rest of Europe (Germany, Holland, Austria, France)!

Thanks to all of you who commented and told be a bit about yourself. I loved reading what you do for a living, where you live and what your passions are! These are the bits that should go on your personal About me page! I always visit those and I think it should be obligatory for all bloggers to have one. Share a bit about yourself and it will be so much easier for new people visiting your blog to get to know you! You don’t need to share your address, just the continent or state. You don’t have to tell us what your surname is if you don’t feel like it, but a name is really nice! I think it feels strange to refer to the writer behind a blog as their blog name, don’t you? Especially when it’s a personal blog.

You can read more about me here as I have re-written my About-page several times and now again. Does it tell you what you want to know about me? Feel free to ask questions below about me, this blog or something else I might be able to answer.

I was happily surprised, even though I haven’t made statistics for it, that most of the visitors to my blog enjoy the diversity of subjects I post about. Some of you like the artsy side, others the craft projects and many also like the “living creatively” and “cat” aspects of my life! I think all the things you like about my blog kind of sums up to who I am and what my passions are about at this moment of my life. And that is what your personal blog should be about, right?

You and your stuff, or better yet; you and your passions!