Sculptural Tree Lamp by a Garden Designer

My wee cousin Charlotta always say
that she is not creative at all, but I know that isn’t true. Not for her and not for most people who claim this. It is just a matter of thinking. She might not knit as I do, but she does a lot of things I don’t that are also highly creative. She cooks, bakes and is great at interior design for example. And she is so much fun to be around!

Tree lamp

Right now she is on her first year on the road to becoming a garden designer and will have the cool title Landscape Architect when she is finished.
lilla lottaLandscape architects make outdoor places more beautiful and useful. They decide where to put flowers, trees, walkways, and other landscape details. They keep sports fields from getting soggy, finds the best place to put roads and buildings and work with environmental scientists to find the best way to conserve or restore natural resources. A diverse and fun job I would guess?

And while in school she is drawing, sketching and walking around in parks identifying plants and flowers. I think it sounds like a fun place to be and I’m jealous of everyone who gets any kind of art education. I wasn’t as arty-crafty when I choose schools so I never went down that road. That’s why I’m experimenting so much on my own.

Tree lampAnyway, I wanted to show you her cool lamp, or at least some blurry photos of this sculptural tree looking lamp my cousin made in school! It looks organic but is made out of paper fixed with hairspray and arms weaved with wire.

I just swoon over it!

Tree lamp

Lights on

Tree lamp

Tree lamp

What do you think?

Isn’t that the work of a creative genius?

Crafting together cousin-with-cousin we’ve also felted easter eggs, painted faces and had great fun in the kitchen last year when we made the gingerbread village! :-)

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  1. The lamp is gorgeous ! Such a work of art ! It would make a beautiful statement in a room.
    Nice to hear about your great cousin to cousin relationship too ! Aren’t girlfriends the best ?
    Cheers, Kim

  2. OMG.

    I love that.

    I mean, a deep rooted love that will eventually force me to try and make my own piece in attempts to connect that love with a real object but will only be left short when my own lamp doesn’t live up to the sheer beauty of the original.

    Really. I love that.

  3. Love the lamp! Very cool.

    I used to say that about myself too, that I wasn’t a creative person. I said, “yeah I can draw a chair and make it look like a chair, but I am NOT creative”. haha! I really believed it too. So glad that I didn’t listen to that Inner Critic voice that kept me from doing art.

    But I agree, being creative is an everday thing. An attitude, a way of life. You don’t have to be a painter or a sculptor, etc. It’s in the perspective of how one views the world.

    Love visiting your blog. :)

  4. I think your cousin needs to re-think. She IS creative and I very much like this lamp. I’m sure she could sell it for a good price. But I would keep it, it’s looking great.

  5. I think it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s elegant, modern, but has a lovely cozy glow. Really great!

  6. OMG! Den ?r ju helt undebar! Om hon b?rjar att serietillverka s? har hon en best?llare h?r! Och kreativitet finns i oss alla, de flesta vet bara inte om vilken kraft de innehar.

  7. Oh my. Thanks everyone for all the beautiful comments! Maybe one day, if everything else fails, I’ll make another one!

    And as you all might understand, Hanna is a big inspiration to me when I do (ocationally) try to be creative.

    I’m the happiest on earth for having such a source of beautifulness and inspiration in my family.

    /Charlotta (the cousin who made the lamp)

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