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The Perfect Gift on Mothers Day

On Mothers Day I gave my mother the perfect gift, as I had ordered it from the kind gods of the Universe. She got sunshine, an outdoor flea market, great finds and a nice day spent with her favorite daughter. What more could a mom wish for? Later in the day we had way to […]

Freeform Embroidery that Glitters

After I wrote the Wow factor post about what inspires me in others art I thought I’d do a free form embroidery. One where I could try some of the things I like; words and swirls (lots of shapes and patterns in the same piece that work together), bright colors (happy colors), texture and some […]

Creativity, inspiration, craft and life

Blogs I recently found that I think you’ll enjoy checking out! They are about creativity, inspiration, craft and life in general. This is a long list post. Get coffee as they say. Or bookmark this post and visit one new blog each day during the summer. Really explore these links and go back in the […]

The veranda is the place to be

When I sit down by the computer to write I think about craft and art. I think about sewing, embroidery, how to make little polymer clay flowers that I’ve sketched, painting on fabric, taking photos of pillows I’ve finished, drawing princesses in my Art Journal or something else I want to try right now. Then, […]

Widen your horizon with new words

I love new words because often they reveal something that you are not aware of. The knowledge of a new word will widen you horizon and give you a better understanding of the world. Maybe you’ll notice something that you haven’t noticed as clearly before. Or it might be a concept that you know about […]

Mosaic Table in blue for a Cozy Garden Corner

Lately I have read yummy books and taken pictures of the garden (mostly the pink buds and then flowers of the Magnolia Tree). I’ve been lazy in the sun most of the time because it was a great hot weekend with birthday party, wine, BBQ, boat ride, friends, eating candy, a new Moleskine diary and […]