Yet another knitted sweater

Thanks everyone so so much for your happy wishes on my fourth blogoversery! I don’t know if I want to post anything else on this blog right now because I’m so enjoying reading your comments there! But we’re still going strong for a 5th year, no? Yes, let’s have a look at something knitted today and something hand sewn tomorrow!

Wool sweater in pink

Each knitted piece wants a post of its own. It demands it. It is not possible to file and finish a knitted big project like a sweater if it is not properly documented and blogged. This is what blogging has made with me after these four years. The sweater bugs my brain until I put it to rest by telling yo’all about it! So here you go! Yet another knitted wool sweater finished this year (the first one being the also pink Poetry in stitches cardigan)! It’s the second one this year though non have been started during 2008. They’ve been WIP’s for quite some time. It’s a lovely feeling to finish but I only wish the finished product would look more like I wanted it to look!

Wool sweater in pink

Though this thick pink sweater in pure 100 % wool actually looks good on me (a very close fit) it does feel too tight and a bit short (again!). I haven’t blocked it so maybe some stretching will help, I hope so. Yarn label The pattern I used is from Garnstudio and calls for a totally different set of combined yarns, and the striped pattern is all my own. I knitted it on circular needles and enjoyed knitting with this yarn a lot. I like the colors together and the thick ribbing part.

A knitted sweater

Yarn: Pink wool bought unused but secondhand, in Ume.

Cost: 1 kilogram yarn for 100 sek (500 g in each color), and still some left to knit something else with I think. This is a great price for yarn and I still remember how happy I was when I found it – and in my color too!

Pattern: Sorry, I can’t find the printed paper with the free pattern now, it’s in a pile of paper somewhere.

Feeling: Fun and quick to knit but disappointing that I made it a wee bit too short and too slim. This fact makes me so tired that I detest knitting right now. Bläää! as we say in Sweden.

Still want to see how it looks on this crazy girl? read on…

My pink sweater

Photo credit; Mom. Taken after we had BBQ dinner in the garden this week, a garden that still hasn’t got much greenery even though we’ve had summer warmth several days now. It feels like spring but it doesn’t look it yet.

As I said I know the sweater looks good on me in these photos, it just does not feel all that great! So I’m off to new creative adventures instead of sulking over lost yarn.

Have a creative week!

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  1. How about unraveling the cast on edge, and knitting it a bit longer? or cutting it (I know – yikes!) above the ribbing, knitting a few more stripes, and then grafting it together? Both ways would give you a longer sweater.
    Thanks for dropping by, and thank for the comment!

  2. It’s beautiful and so you! I agree with Malin about adding a few inches to the bottom. I think that a few more hours of work will make the dozen hours you already put in worth it in the long run. It may make the difference between a sweater you’re ok with and one you wear for years. I love the sleeves.

  3. Pink and red, why, oh why, I still haven’t knitted anything in that colour combination?!… *^v^* Your sweater looks great, I like the long ribbed cuffs, well done!

  4. Looks good! Hopefully you can make it longer like Malin said… (I don’t know much about knitting but what she said sure sounds great! lol)

  5. Hanna, this is sooooo cute :o) I love it. It looks adorable on you. Maybe as you wear it a little bit more it will stretch out a bit?! I hope so :o) It’s nice. I like it.

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