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Hand sewing is my new knitting

As I’m tired of knitting I’m turning to handsewing for the first time, as a craft. And I like it a lot. Stitching those tiny stitches to attach pieces of fabric to another one is as meditative and repetitive as knitting. It has proven this last week that handsewing is great on quilt meetings, waiting […]

Yet another knitted sweater

Thanks everyone so so much for your happy wishes on my fourth blogoversery! I don’t know if I want to post anything else on this blog right now because I’m so enjoying reading your comments there! But we’re still going strong for a 5th year, no? Yes, let’s have a look at something knitted today […]

Four years of blogging adventures

Today it is my blog’s birthday. Hurray hurray hurray! It is this blog’s fourth birthday. That means I’ve been writing a blog for four years today. That is a lot of days (1461 days). According to my stats iHanna has written 779 posts and got 6,183 comments so far! I’ve written a post almost every […]

Beautiful book covers and great titles

There is ample time and opportunity for creative expression in whatever area I choose. a louise hay daily affirmation I’ve been outside almost the entire day. I impregnated the outdoor floors in my parents garden. Painting transparent oil, smelling its sharp ingredients, listening to the birds around me. I also had my coffee outside laying […]

Stencils, plaster and a cork stamp

I gave stencil cutting another go, this time cutting out numbers for a mixed media piece I’ve been thinking about. Very Lynne Perrella inspired (and Michelle Ward too I guess) who is my favorite mixed media inspiration. Only when I cut the last line of the last number (9!) I cut myself and there were […]

Recycled paper beads in a Necklace

I have made paper beads with a recycled newspaper and some glue mixed in. This is a easy fun project that you can do without any preparation. Just put some stripes of newspaper in a pot of water and wait until the newspaper starts to dissolve. Then mix in the glue and start rolling beads! […]

Wish list – birthday coming up

My thrifted find from this week is this mini pot with flowers: I made a drawing of it (a Daily Art Card) and colored it with watercolors: I’m looking through to find “the best books” to order for me. It is slow and irritatingly difficult! I’ve been wanting to order books from my Wish […]

The power of the mind

While traveling by train this week (3 times!) I’ve listened to podcasts and knitted on a striped cap (thanks for sending me the pattern Elena!), thinking about the power of the mind… Listening to inspiring podcasts really is something I love to do, and when I find a new one I get all exited and […]