Pskpyssel 2008

This is the Easter table I prefer, filled with paint, fabric, glue, feathers and other craft supplies.

wooden dollsI bought some wooden sculptures in a plastic bag at a thrift shop last year, thinking I would do something fun with them. I’ve been wanting to sit down and paint and dress them for a while now and this week I finally did when my cousin came to craft. This was pre dinner and egg session (se post below). I didn’t finish any of my dolls, but my cousin finished both of hers!

On the first day of Easter Maundy Thursday (Skärtorsdag) the Swedish Easter Witches goes on their broomstick to Blåkulla to party and have fun together with the devil! It’s their annual meeting day I guess.

This belief comes from a time (1600) when everyone in Europe believed that witches existed. Many women were haunted and even burned alive if someone suspected that they were a witch in any way. Scary times huh?

Today children dress up like Easter Witches on this day and goes from house to house to wish Happy Easter and get candy. So, that’s the explanation on why we created our Easter Hags this week!

Pskpyssel 2008
My cousin made the pink and the green one. Aren’t they pretty? I painted faces for too long and only half finished the dress for my yellow hag, the other two will get dresses another time when I’m bored and feel like playing with my dolls.

I’ve eaten too much candy and that’s the reason I prefer a craft table set for Easter right now. No more cookies, candy, deserts or eggs for me. :-)

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday and creating something fun!?