My beloved Nikon d50 have been to the camera doctor. It’s now back where it belongs, close where I can reach it all the time. It was expensive to fix it after the screen broke (it fell to the floor), but I’m glad to have it back. I’ve missed using it a lot. It’s when things are gone that you understand how important they are, isn’t it? It’s when you loose something/someone that you understand what you had.

Some photos from my first minutes with camera back in hand:



New toothbrush
New toothbrush that dad gave me.

Mom's china
Setting the table on mom’s new table cloth.

Dad with his sudoku.

Craft music
My latest CD with girly music!

My cousin made this CD for me, with the cute cover and everything. I love it. See the title Söt musik att pyssla till? It means Cute music to craft to! My cousin is the best! When I write I want to say “this is the cutest thing anyone has done for me this entire year”, but when I hear it in my mind I remember so many other little things that friends have done for me. Michelle who sent me the soft-block material. Maria who sent me a Library Lovers-kit. Christina who sent me craft stuff and encouraging e-mails all the time. My friend E who wrote the cutest thing on my Facebook wall. And so on, I won’t list it all. It’s so easy to forget these little things that people do, and I’ve been a bad girl about sending out thank you-notes even! Bad! It needs to change, right now!