Inspiraton for New Years Resolutions

Art Journal spread for a Merry X-mas 2007, made by iHanna, Sweden

Here are the inspiration for making new goals, looking forward and backwards on 2007 that I’ve read and been inspired by recently. I hope this list will help you along the way of making your own new years resolutions. Let me know what works best for you.

Link inspiration for making new goals

The Essence of you – two questions to answer
What am I grateful for, what did I learn in 2007?
The Ultimate guide to New Years Resolutions

Planning forward

So how do you plan to integrate your New Year’s Resolutions into your life for a whole year? Here’s some advice:

Simply and straightforwardly, the secret to achieving your goals is to turn them into habits.

You know what habits are. They’re activities we engage in without really thinking about them because “it’s just what we always do.” Nobody was born with habits ingrained in their psyche. Behavior is first learned, and then later becomes habitual. So, how do you turn goals into habits? You must train your mind into engaging in the desired behavior on a regular basis.

[Have You Planned Your New Year’s Resolutions?]

Create YOUR Personal Development Plan

14 Tips For Resolutions That Stick in the New Year


20 Questions to Help You Reflect the Past Year:
“Material, Spiritual, Physical and Social prosperity. These four facets give us a complete and balanced view of prosperity. By reflecting on them, you will get a complete view of how your life as a whole progressed in the past year.” [from]

8 Ways to Achieve Success in 2008

6 Guilt-Free Steps To Review Your New Year Resolutions

The end of the year is always a good time for me to review my resolutions and take stock of what I have done over the past year.
However, for some people, reviewing New Year resolutions can be a painful affair. Some of you may have goals unaccomplished. A resolution review is just a stark reminder of how little you have achieved. [from]

Should You Write a Personal Mission Statement?

Your personal mission statement should be a concise representation of what?s most important to you, what you desire to focus on, what you want to achieve, and, ultimately, who you want to become. In its purest form, it?s an approach to your life, one that allows you to identify a focus of energy, creativity, and vision in living a life in support of your inner-most beliefs and values. [from dumb little man]

Cutting through the Crap:

Are you plagued each new year with the esteem-deflating cycle of making and breaking your New Year’s Resolutions before the month of January turns the corner on week two? [by Chris]


Five writer/ blogger’s New Year’s resolutions to keep
A Year End Writing Prompt: What Does Your Future Pen Want You to Know?

The Slacker?s Guide To Goal Setting And Writing Success

This week: Make a list. (because that always helps)


The diary project by Kristy Hall [found via CraftyPod]
The Best of 2007 a prompt from Melanie
Start a Happiness Project for 2008! by Gretchen

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  1. What a sweet thing to happen upon your blog and find all this creative juice. Thanks so much for the link to the article. Now: I must snoop around a bit…

  2. What a lovely blog! I have only recently found it and look forward to looking through your posts. I’m going to start by digging into all these great links. I’ve just stared a blog myself to move me along, so I know what you mean by being inspired by the new year!

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