Huge Sockmonkey – in new clothes

My second sock-monkey is very huge, made from a red heal sock XXL! She is like a thin baby and I adore her ugly cute look. But she didn’t want to stay naked so I made her some clothes that she was really pleased with – and me too. Plus a matching bag in orange!

My friend the sockmonkey, sewn by iHanna #softies

Cute huh?

Here she is newly born and nekkid:
Wendela with mobile

I ♥ YouShe is called Wendela Hebbe and she is interested in writing novels and reading books, just like me! She was born during NanoWriMo and her favorite color is banana yellow.

We had a indoor photo session the other day, but all of those photos, though they were cute, turned out to dark or blurry. I turn of the flash but the light is not enough for taking photos inside the house. It is that time of the year now, when taking photos is a bit more difficult than during summer. It’s dark most of the day. And I don’t like the flash images – they turn out so bright it hurts my eyes.

My friend the sockmonkey

Sockmonkey clothes

I made Wendela a long sleeved yellow t-shirt with a red heart. I also whipped up a cute orange skirt that she adores just like the little girl she is. The blue shawl I found at a sale at the weave market this weekend. I could tell right away it was Wendela’s size and would fit her perfectly. So I got it for her, it was only 10 SEK and home knitted by unknown lady. It looks so cozy and warm, but…

I want to go inside now Hanna!

…she still got cold during the photo-shoot and we had to go inside again. She’s the boss as you can see!

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  1. She sure is a cute little monkey!And so kind of you to make her such beautiful clothes. Yep, monkeys don’t belong in the Scandinavian climate so she’ll be better inside the house till the spring comes or maybe you’ll end up doing her a whole winter wardrobe.I hate it too to be forced to use flashlight!

  2. Aw! She’s super cute! You did a great job.
    Does it really get dark during the day over there? I didn’t realize Scandinavia was that far up north.
    Take care : )

  3. She is adorable! You did a very good job dressing her up. Maybe she needs a little scarf and hat to keep her warm?

  4. Hanna, that is really cute!! I wish i could make stuff like that, but everytime I try, it never turns out right. :)

    have a good day!!

  5. Oh my, that is too cute. Her little heart tee shirt is something I’d probably wear if only it were a little bit bigger.

  6. Oh my god. This is the cutest, best thing I have ever seen! I need one I need one!!!!!!!

    I wish I were good with fabric, I’d make one. If she’s ever mean to you and you want to put her up for adoption….?

  7. What a delicious monkey! She’s got such a happy face.

    I have tagged you for a meme (apologies if you hate them)

  8. Hi, Hanna. I am reading your blog from Tokyo.
    Wendela is the loveliest socks monkey I have ever seen! Socks monkey is hot here in Tokyo as well, but I have not seen such a cute one. I fell in love with her. Her T-shirt lookes like the one I got in the street market in London.

  9. monkey!
    Hanna, your photos are always so strikingly clear and beautiful. Can you recommend a digital camera?

  10. hey that is the cutest sock monkey ever i got one too but shes small im making a big one today and clothes cheers

  11. Huh!!!!huh!!!! Cute doll and very funny indeed. Your imagination is too good. I would like to work on such cloth doll making.
    Am from India, Bangalore-the silicon valley of South India.

  12. Thanks for your lovely comments!

    Roopa, how fun – as far as I know you’re my first visitor from India?! Glad you found your way here, making dolls and experimenting with clothes for them is great fun, you should try! :-)

  13. you are a sock monkey lover too!!!i love your monkey i have three.Sock,Monkey,and Bubbles.SOCK MONKEY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I LOVE her. I just finished making one, but it doesn’t really look like a girl. I wish it did. How did you make her look like a she monkey? I LOVE THE CLOTHES! I looked at them and couldn’t keep my eyes off her!

  15. Dizzy, thanks!
    I think all sock monkeys are kind of boyish, with big ears and stupid faces huh? Hehe. I know mine was until I made her some pretty clothes and put them on, and then the face (which is still the same) changed to a more feminin look. I think it’s all in the way you look at the softie and think about it. Try sewing a skirt for yours and you’ll see! Have fun!


  16. Thanks Cammi, sock monkeys are lots of fun. Yes I made the clothes, but can’t really give any directions coz I just “made them” – no pattern just trying it out. Good luck with the sock monkey you and your mom is making! :-)

  17. hi i am just wondering if you can think of any place or website that you can get sock monkey clothes for a sock monkey that is 20″long. I keep looking for them but i just can’t seem to find any. Please help!!