My second sock-monkey is very huge, made from a red heal sock XXL! She is like a thin baby and I adore her ugly cute look. But she didn’t want to stay naked so I made her some clothes that she was really pleased with – and me too. Plus a matching bag in orange!

My friend the sockmonkey, sewn by iHanna #softies

Cute huh?

Here she is newly born and nekkid:
Wendela with mobile

I ♥ YouShe is called Wendela Hebbe and she is interested in writing novels and reading books, just like me! She was born during NanoWriMo and her favorite color is banana yellow.

We had a indoor photo session the other day, but all of those photos, though they were cute, turned out to dark or blurry. I turn of the flash but the light is not enough for taking photos inside the house. It is that time of the year now, when taking photos is a bit more difficult than during summer. It’s dark most of the day. And I don’t like the flash images – they turn out so bright it hurts my eyes.

My friend the sockmonkey

Sockmonkey clothes

I made Wendela a long sleeved yellow t-shirt with a red heart. I also whipped up a cute orange skirt that she adores just like the little girl she is. The blue shawl I found at a sale at the weave market this weekend. I could tell right away it was Wendela’s size and would fit her perfectly. So I got it for her, it was only 10 SEK and home knitted by unknown lady. It looks so cozy and warm, but…

I want to go inside now Hanna!

…she still got cold during the photo-shoot and we had to go inside again. She’s the boss as you can see!