This is a bit of a random post about nothing special.

Early snow

Hope your warmer than I am right now. But wait, before I start writing I’m going to fetch an extra sweater. Wait…

I’m back.

Last week we had some snow, but it melted away before the weekend came. I drink lots of coffee to keep awake and warm, but I fall asleep a lot anyway.

Water resistant...

I’m about 6000 words behind on Nanowrimo, even though I have my doll house aquarium beside the computor. The fishes keeps me company but doesn’t help to make my words flow like water… and I don’t know what to do about it. Yeah, keep writing? I just might try that… I even have a set of post-it notes on my wall to keep me on track here!

Dimonds are a girls best friend

I hardly ever do anything with beads, huh? I guess it’s because I always forget to put on a necklass and I don’t wear earings at all. I’m not against it, I just forget about it. But I do like pearls, beads, glitter and “dimonds” – who doesn’t like a bit of bling bling in their life? After all, dimonds are a girls best friend! I made this “key decoration” when the witch girls were having fun with beads and I didn’t want to be left out. I couldn’t resist picking some of them up and playing too!

Heart-felt I also made a couple of hearts in red felt. Heart-felt, huh?

I also got this award from Kelly in Florida:


A creative gal who puts herself out there via her art and writing.

I really felt that I “put myself out there” when I said yes to be on Diane’s CraftyPod podcast about my book. English is not my first language and even though I think I’ve improved emensly with my writing skills by having this blog I knew I was going to (think that I) would sound awful. But you’ve been nice as always (thank you so much for comments and encouragement) and Diane did a superb job at editing it all together so that I don’t sound like complete morron (I’m ever so grateful for that Diane!). And after listening to it a couple of times I like it, and I’m glad I did it! The lesson here? Do it anyway!

Are you still here? Kelly who gave me the price also has a blog called Glamour Girls that I visited today because she told me to. It’s not something that I would’ve clicked on otherwise because glamour is nothing that I’m interested in, but I like her writings on choosing an image (not politicaly correct at all but an interesting read) and a divas budouir, read it and you’ll get a bling bling rush! Personaly I love to dress up but not to become sexy or to manipulate people – but to feel comfortable with my self. I think that if you dress in clothes you like and feel at home in you’ll feel more confident and look better both in your own and other peoples eyes!

Oh, and do you need a key to unlock your dreams? go here! [found via me!]

Bling bling to you gals! said she who was drinking coffee by the computer while in fleece and crochted slippers!

Oh, again: Have you started thinking about how close we are to 2008 now? I want this calendar!!!! Now!