Art Princess

I think everyone has things they fear. I fear a lot of things and fear was what came up in my thoughts when I was writing in this princess hair:

This Art Princess has fears too, but she doesn’t like to admit them. She fears failure in word count among other things today. What do you fear?

Art Princess, named Fear, in the Art Journal of iHanna
Art Princess, named Fear, in the Art Journal of iHanna.

Links to inspire you today:

A self portrait that’s embroidered – by art spirit, Fernanda’s pages in her sketchbook, Ann’s 2007 moleskine pages, Masimo Nota’s mixed media blocks, some other yummy pages (and talking about fear…) and K&K’s fun diary pages! Enjoy, and please, don’t fear the blank page. It’s only white because it want’s your marks to become clear!

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  1. Oh Art Princess,

    I fear that I am going to JUMP on my UPS man (and not in a good way) if he does not get here soon with my IHANNA book!!!!!! I am tracking it via UPS online and it’s in L.A. It’s been in L.A. for two days. So far my only bad thing to say is that Lulu is making me very impatient!!!

    I have heard wonderful things about your tome and can’t WAIT to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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