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My art journals these days are Altered Books, vintage coffee table kind of books with pictures. Books about earth, cultures and animals around the world. The covers on these babies are boring brown or orange fabrics, so lately I’ve been trying to spruce them up a bit.

Altered book cover with roses
Art Journal #7

These are photos of my last finished Art Journal/Altered Book project. I added gesso to the cover and decoupaged roses all over the front piece. I think it looks very shabby chick in these picture:

Decoupage cover

Shabby chick altered book cover.

But after a while with pink roses I felt this cover was too stylish, a bit too romantic for the messy content of my altered book perhaps. I wanted more mess, to ruff it up a bit. The covers are still shabby, but in a more mixed media way I think. I still like them but now they feel more as one with the content.

I’ve added crayons, metallic tape, stickers and some dots of acrylic paint!

Adding glitter
And glitter! A girl needs a bit of glitter in her life!

Here you can see the finished front of the cover together with my new art journal:

Art Journal #7 & #8
I’ve started in my newest art journal (I think it is #8) but I haven’t decorated the cover at all yet. I just wrote the titel of my journal: Bedtime stories (because I create it in my bed).

Altered book cover with roses

It took me a while to get comfortable enough to touch the covers. My first journals are not decorated at all on the outside. I kind of wanted to keep the “secret” within. Now I don’t need to keep my collages only on the inside. I like that. How do you decorate your art journals?

Art Journal no 7 altered book by iHanna of
I absolutely love photos of the exterior of altered books, if you have taken any post them to your blog and let me know, I’d love to come and have a look!

Doesn’t it look like a treasure?

Noteworthy: I’m doing NaNoWriMo right now, my Wordcount right now: 20.500!

Altered Book Cover made by iHanna