A bunch of us were invited to a Craft Night at my friend Sandra’s home last month. It was my first visit to her apartment and I really liked her style. It is not my style, but very much hers and the mixed autumn colour palette fits her perfectly.

Maria hos Sandra

What about a green bedroom, a purple sofa with a crocheted granny blanket in pink and purple on top? A yellow living room with a blue book shelf and finds from the forest everywhere. Big candles embedded in moss and that yummy yarn basket filled with alpaca and wool for her beautiful hats and other creations?

Most of the furnitures were thrifted and hand-painted by Sandra.

Hos Sandra

There is something special about a creative persons home. The home is like a shell of colours that shields you from the world when you need to be alone, but also a place to have Craft Nights and gatherings. Fika and serious talks, browsing the book shelf, getting reading tips and finding out a bit more about the person living there.

I could probably make a post/article about all homes I visit. All of my friends have beautiful homes, very different but filled with evidence of their interests and passions.

Do you really know a person until you’ve visited their home, seen their book collection, checked out their comfort zone? I don’t know. I’m just grateful that I got to see this little nook of the world.