A purple sofa

A bunch of us were invited to a Craft Night at my friend Sandra’s home last month. It was my first visit to her apartment and I really liked her style. It is not my style, but very much hers and the mixed autumn colour palette fits her perfectly.

Maria hos Sandra

What about a green bedroom, a purple sofa with a crocheted granny blanket in pink and purple on top? A yellow living room with a blue book shelf and finds from the forest everywhere. Big candles embedded in moss and that yummy yarn basket filled with alpaca and wool for her beautiful hats and other creations?

Most of the furnitures were thrifted and hand-painted by Sandra.

Hos Sandra

There is something special about a creative persons home. The home is like a shell of colours that shields you from the world when you need to be alone, but also a place to have Craft Nights and gatherings. Fika and serious talks, browsing the book shelf, getting reading tips and finding out a bit more about the person living there.

I could probably make a post/article about all homes I visit. All of my friends have beautiful homes, very different but filled with evidence of their interests and passions.

Do you really know a person until you’ve visited their home, seen their book collection, checked out their comfort zone? I don’t know. I’m just grateful that I got to see this little nook of the world.

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  1. Oh, I love seeing people’s houses, and I agree, you can know a lot about the person from their house. I should take some pics of mine. It’s changed a lot since I started crafting.:)

  2. It’s true – by seeing someones home, you feel you get to know them better.

    And I absolutely adore the blue book shelf!

  3. Jag vet vad du menar med kreativa m?nniskors hem (och bokhyllor!), hemma hos mig har jag hanterat n?stan allt i inredningen, m?lat, sytt, gjort om, och en stor favorit hemma ?r min nya syh?rna, helt oumb?rlig. Och bokhyllan (ok, just nu bara b?cker p? golvet, jag letar efter begagnade billyhyllor) speglar definitivt mina kreativa intressen – jag tror att majoriteten ?r stickb?cker, och resten ?r inredning – romanerna ?r f?, och f?r det mesta i pocket.
    Trevligt bor i alla fall din kompis Sandra!

  4. oh i love the rocks with the candles…how much fun is it to live there??? sandra looks like a bundle of joy…blessings, rebecca

  5. i love glimpses into peoples homes and creative people all tend to have such beautiful homes full of life and energy, colour and style … an expression of who they are … thanks for sharing your friend’s beautiful home…

  6. Wow! Great home. I love her sense of style. The colors are all so lively and clean. It looks like the kind of place a pixie would live.

  7. I really like Sandra’s house. I love the colors and her style.

    So true about getting to know someone by the books on their bookshelf! I’ve always felt the same way.

  8. I think I would feel right at home there. Our own home is in a constant state of renovation, so it is haphazardly decorated, but I am hoping it will not always be so.

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