The artistToday I’m adding a new categories that I call Other people(s)… because I have some images that I want to feature here that is not about me and my creative life, but that still encourages me and maybe some of you too. It’s about Other peoples projects, art, houses and exhibitions. Enjoy!

First out is this post about a local artist, Lars A Persson, that I meat in the beginning of the summer for a short interview. He is well known around here, and his exhibition at the library is showing sketches from a trip to Paris where he went to paint, find a new style and work (with painting new things all around Paris every day).

Normally he paints mountains and nature views with lots of gray colours, so these Paris images are something new to him. He told me he had a great time, but a lot of work. He walked, drew, painted and walked.

Here are some of his sketches:

Water color sketches

Cards from Paris-exhibition

I really like these. More here.

I hope you get inspired.

Go paint, or go visit a museum… Or do what I’m doing right now. See Project Runway, they are in Paris tonight. I’m voting for the yellow tart dress! ;-)