I’ve made a pair of soft pajama pants, or you might call them “wear at home-pants”, because that is what they are. Pants for softing at home in.

I saw the fabric in my mom’s stash of never used fabrics, hidden in the closet. When I saw it again now I just thought of pants, and that was it.

I took my Hello Kitty pants and used those as a pattern to cut two front pieces and two back pieces. It was so easy, and when sewn together they fitted me, which is always nice!

I especially like the string at the waste – also found in mom’s stash of sewing notions. It just looks so much more pro than anything I could’ve made, with those bell ends. It’s all in the details you know? Or so I’ve heard.

My creation

The pattern might be hiddious to others, but I kind of like it. Maybe it is the norrländska in me that like the reindeer pattern? Maybe I just have a soft spot for comfortable clothes that you can’t even wear when you go to buy milk.

I think I will wear them a lot, when reading in my favorite sofa corner, when doing morning yoga at home or while creating in my studio corner. And I will make more pants too, in a more iHanna-like fabric perhaps…