I’m into shabby chic this summer again. It is a great summer style if you ask me.

Flowers and light and a bit wabi-sabi – what can better bring out the sunshine of home life.

I’ve made a a rosy flower pot, flower decorations for midsummer with roses and now two pillows with a distinct shabby chic style:

Shabby chic pillows

Shabby chic pillows

Quilted and very “me” right now. They are all white and pink roses, and at one edge I added vintage lace to conseal the zipper. The backside are a embroidered fabric mom gave me, with flowers and dragon flyes. So cute!


I’ve also bought a summer mat with bright pink roses on and a green fabric beneath. I love this soft mat, I’m so glad I bought it. I think this kind of rose (very bright pink) is my favorite right now. If only there could be some fabrics looking like this that could be falling into my lap… haha.

Pink thoughts

Summer is the best time to take photos – everyone and everything looks pretty. White, green and pink are summer colours and my favorites. So right now I see beauty everywhere.

Bring out your camera this weekend and go for a walk – don’t miss out on summer beauty.