Adventures in the garden

Adventures in the garden

Photo-shoot in the garden, featuring a small pink creature I made this week in moms sewing room.

Mom made a big turquoise picnic blanket and occupied the sewing machine, so I picked up some materials and hand sewed this wee one. She (the little softie) didn’t want to be in any photos, she just wanted to play – and eat strawberries. She got stomach problems afterwards of course, but the images turned out kind of nice.

Garden flowers


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  1. You take such beautiful pictures, girl! *G* And your creature’s great.

    Looking at your profile on Flickr, I found Amigurumi…not only do I LOVE cute critters AND crochet, but read Japanese. *G* I’m so excited to get started on one today. If you ever need Japanese craft mags translated…let me know! *hug*

  2. I love your little softie, the pictures (great colours), and the little story about your adventures in the garden. It really gives her life!

  3. Thanks for all your nice comments girls!

    Linda: the rose is German and called Gerberos s?ger min pappa. Det ?r en kl?ngros som v?xer p? en spalje i tr?dg?rden. Otroligt vacker, en av mina favoriter ocks

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