Is it spring yet?

Marbels in a corner
Where I live there is still a lot of snow, but the sun is shining so I’m happy waiting for the real spring. And this weekend P and me are planning to do a trip to Trondheim – so fun go get away from town for a while!!!

Lisa at the blog Heart of the nest is having a One World, one heART giveaway. I found it via Violette’s blog yesterday, and felt it was a thing I wanted to do too! Give away some of the things I’ve made.
I’ve been online for a couple of years now, and recived so much goodness from all of you, comments and e-mails and presents, so I thought it about time I joined in and had me some good karma! ;-)

The photo turned out realy crappy, but never mind that.

To win just comment on the post and your name will be in the drawing on March 21st, first day of spring. Specify wich items you are interested in please. Pick one or a few or all, I don’t mind. It depends on how many sign up for each item if you can win one or more items! It will be a surprice.

1. Home grown lavender in a home sewn bag. Made by me.

Here is the post about the lavender bags frenzy!

2. Log cabin pin cushion in moms blue fabrics. Made by me.

3. ♥ Art doll by the name Maj. She needs to come to a loving home, read more about her here.

4. Softie cat in lilac fabric with tiny roses on. Made by me.
5. Softie cat in flowery fabric with beads as nose and eyes. Made by me. More about the cats here.

6. The only two ATC’s I have left (or that I could find right now) if anybody is interested.

There are just so many beautiful and magic things that are being given away right now! I’ve signed up for almost all of them, so keep your fingers crossed that I win something on the 21 of March when the big finale drawing is held all over the world. And that you do win too!

One more thing Please feel free to add me to your links or visit my shop before you leave!

Thanks, and have a great day!