How fun to post a question to the blog and getting so many answers! Unexpected and very nice. I had so much fun reading your different answers. Thank you, everyone.

ConfinoThe overall reaction to our two chairs was in favor of the red, old, worn one.

The black chair is called Confino and is a design chair made by Bror Boije for Swedese Möbler. P got it as a Christmas present from his parents, and he really likes it. His parents have all white walls and mostly modern funiture. They like minimalism and modern art, you can tell. I like their home, but it is not my way at all.

So the Confino chair is not my style, but we’ll keep it of course. It could?ve been worse, right?

The red arm chair is of unknown age and creator. We got it four years ago (!) from a co-worker of P, who was throwing away some old furniture and asked if we wanted anything. We took all of the three different arm chairs, and they’ve not been exchanged for newer ones during the years we’ve lived here!
Old arm chair
The red chair is to me very beautiful, the kind of chair I would buy if I could afford it. It is beautiful in all the ways you all described it, but not as comfortable to sit in as you imagined unfortunatelly. The springs are finished, and when sitting in it is bumpy. I was about to throw it out, but I promise I will reconsider this now. Maybe it is fixable? I know exactly the pink fabric I would use for it already… This might be another project for the growing list of things I would like to try to do: Redo this old chair! Give it new life. It will be a time consuming and dusty work though, this one. But really, we haven’t paid a cent for it, so even if it goes wrong it might be better to try than to thow it!?

Nya skosn?renP has never been interested in interior design, not at all, but when asked he prefers very modern over vintage I think. I?m very happy that he always gives me the benefit of a doubt to make decisions about colour, furniture and fabrics. As long as it makes me happy I can do what ever, he once said. Though I know there are limits, hehe, I treasure that.

Some of P’s recent creative projects includes new shoe laces for his boots; lovely red climbing shoe laces! And yesterday he promised me apple cake, but then he made this mess;

Apple thing dessert

Apple… thing? It was good though.

Sniff He has also bought a new piece of carpet for Smilla’s climbing tree. She has torn the mat on the trunk to bits as she stretches and climbes it every day. It is one meter high (39 inches) and made by the Cat Ladie’s husband. It’s her favorite bird watching place in the apartment.

There is something strange in the air right now… My fianc? has added the RSS-feed of to his daily reads, and I find this very new and strange. Even stranger; the other day he sent me links to two different carpets that he likes, the flying carpet and vinyl plastic ones in brown colours! And he has told me he hates carpets of all sorts during our time together. Whazzup man?