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I’m not Finished with Last Year

I’m not finished with last year, the year of the Dog (according to Chinese counting). When a year ends there is lots of thinking that needs to be made. I need to sit down and think about how the year … Continue reading

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Some stuff from 2006 – photos

I wanted to post some photos from December 2006, to kind of finish that year off here in my blog and then be able to take more photos of crafts during this piggy year. A snow globe I thrifted for … Continue reading

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Christmas gifts that I made

I made all of my home crafted Christmas presents during December, really in the last minute, I know! But everything was wrapped and ready to go on Christmas Eve, so I’m glad I hurried to make what I had planned … Continue reading

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Bad Spelling Top List of 2006

I didn’t sleep at all last nigh… My mind is spinning around, making weaves of dreams and tying my stomach to a tight knot. I just couldn’t fall asleep! I made lists, read a magazine, surfed some blogs, edited a … Continue reading

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