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What a girl wants

This is a sculpture made by Lisa Larsson in 1958, in the ABC-serie of girls. I found it at Tradera. It was very expensive since Lisa Larsson is a famous and sought after artist. I couldn’t afford it, but I grabbed the picture and will admire it here. I just adore this piece, which doesn’t […]

January quilt project

When mom was here in October she helped me cut squares from some of the fabrics that I’ve been collecting. I noticed I had quite some fabrics in brown shades, so I decided to make a TV-quilt in browns. I really like browns, especially in a combination with other colours like pink and orange. Mom […]

Whazzup man?

How fun to post a question to the blog and getting so many answers! Unexpected and very nice. I had so much fun reading your different answers. Thank you, everyone. The overall reaction to our two chairs was in favor of the red, old, worn one. The black chair is called Confino and is a […]

Crafts I want to try

… all of us have some level of creativity within us. It is part of our humanity. The real issue is exercise. Some of us exercise our creativity more than others. We all have creative potential. Deanne Fitzpatrick * Crafts to try These are some of the things I would like to try during my […]

Movies and wallpapers online

Yesterday I got some beautiful pink fabrics from my friends who were in India over Christmas. I got a lot of pink silky fabric and a beautiful skirt with gold decorations. Amazing! I don’t know if I’ll ever wear it, but right now it is hanging on the wall in my bedroom! So… cool! This […]

Planning a Dream Studio

I was reading Claire’s blog Loobylu this morning. It was one of the first blogs I found on the Internet, and it inspired me to start a blog of my own. In Australia where she lives they have hot summer with bush fires and extreme heat. Here, in the northern part of Sweden, on the […]

Raspberry and pear hats

I have been very inspired by the styles and colours of the hats that Cosymakes made last year. And the sheer volume of them is impressive. I found her on flickr and now she has started Cosymakes blog, which is very nice and added to my links. I have some bags filled with different small […]

Computer time

My names day is early each year. Today I got a parcel from mom who has been in Thailand, a belated names day gift. It was filled with Hello Kitty fun; an orange t-shirt, a cell phone cozy in furry fabric and little trinkets. Plus a very cute Hello Kitty watch. I think it is […]

I’m not Finished with Last Year

I’m not finished with last year, the year of the Dog (according to Chinese counting). When a year ends there is lots of thinking that needs to be made. I need to sit down and think about how the year started, what my expectations were and what has been accomplished during the year. Am I […]