Me in Warhole style

Over at Flickr Toys there is a new feature, called Warholizer. I tried a couple of different photos, but most of them turned out really ugly.
This one was kind of okey.

My favorite it still themosaic maker though. Wish reminds me that it is a new month, time to do a new Mosaic of the month again.

This week I got my Christmas present from my parents in the mail (or a letter about it anyway). It is the money fora new printer/scanner.I’m so exited about this news, hope we can get it soon from a store nearby. Any tips about what to get/not to get is welcome. I want one of those that print, scan and copy too. I’ll print and scan like crazy once I get it here.Angel from mom

Maj m?nadAnd in the mail today was another envelope, containing this home sewn angel from mom, since I wont spend Christmas with my parents this year. I adore this angels simple and fun style. I think I’ll hang her up tomorrow and let her sleep in my bed tonight?

Also in the mail I got the Knitty Calendar 2007. I’m the model and knitter of May. They chopped the photo a lot, but I think it looks nice, great colours in the print. I think you should get one of your own! And while you are shopping, get something with Tania’s knitter girl too, so cute.

This is some of the things that I bought today when I was in city center:

New new for me me

Lots of toys for me! See the date stamp – wooohoo! It was expensive, but I’ve been wanting one of these for ever, and also a ink calligraphy pen has been on my list for years, but I wanted a good quality one… This is was expensive for me, but good enough for now and for playing with. I just love writing with ink like this, maybe the ink containers will fit my old writing pen too? I think I still have it somewhere…

The fabric is covered with thin plastic for protection, I will try to use it for a book I’m binding. I think it might work. And the glue sticks I don’t need, but they were cheap, only 15 SEK each at the book store.

Papers from Lia

Papers from Lia of Art JuNK in the mail.Elmer’s glue-all, ephemera and beautiful papers. I love everything so much, thank you Lia! YOU inspire me too!

I want to try to make some Collage squares (see tutorial here) right now. Lia is in love (I recognize the feeling of when I started to make atc’s). Also, I need to buy crayons for me.

I don’t know when I will have the time to make any kind of art. I’m selling my crafts at the Christmas Fair (2nd of 3 for me this year) in Olofsfors this weekend. Long but good days I hope. Cross your fingers for lots of people with money and an interest in spending them at our table!

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  • Oh, and don’t forget to open the first window in this years Christmas Calendar for all image collectors out there! Thank you Lisa!