It was raining yesterday, but today the sun was out for a while – but no snow in sight. Not even frost! I’m starting to long for the 25th of December when we are heading to the mountain cabin where there I’ll have lots of snow, a fireplace, my skis, porridge for breakfast and lovely lazy days with a good book and a cat in my lap…

At Olofsfors

Today I’m writing a report and trying my new metallic pens out that I got in the mail from a great friend yesterday. Thanks C!

Just nine days left until Christmas Eve, so to get in the Christmas spirit I’m posting some of the photos I took at the last Christmas fair I attended with my friend Sandra.

Julmarknad Olofsfors bruk
The ceramics was just magically beautiful, and I wanted to buy one or two of each and everything from this girl… Sandra bought one of the small tea bowls in pink with polka dots on. Adorable!

Tomtar p? loftet
Sandra brought Christmas Decoration to our booth, small vintage Santas. And there were plenty of other Santas running around the place.

You’ve all seen what I craft, so here is a picture of some of Sandra’s recycled crafts:

Oknytt design - armband

A mountain of craft Bracelets made out of plastic, felt and buttons! She also makes earrings, mittens, bags and so much more. Just being there with her was inspiring to me.

And that is it. I won’t tell you how much it costs to rent a table, or how much we (didn’t) earn. I won’t tell you about the uncalculated moms or the car door that wouldn’t be shut when we were trying to drive home. I’ll just say I like the spirit of Christmas fairs, and that this one had lots of beautiful things to offer.